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Since my son Joseph was diagnosed with cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma) in April 1996, at the age of four, I have scoured the web for good resources on childhood cancer.  The purpose of this web site is to be a clearinghouse for the best of those resources, and to be a place where family members of kids with cancer can come to get practical ideas on how to deal with the day-to-day concerns faced by kids in treatment.

Childhood Cancer Resources, Support and Information:

Childhood Cancer Information and Support on the Internet

Rhabdomyosarcoma Resources

Tips For Making GCSF (Neupogen) Shots Easier

Home Pages of Other Kids With Cancer

Before You Put That Pesticide On Your Lawn:

 See How Pesticide Use Is Linked To The Rise In Childhood Cancers

Just For The Fun Of It:

Fun Web Sites You Can Visit With Your Kids!

You Know You're The Parent Of A Child With Cancer When. . .

A Special Page For People Who Know a Cancer Kid:

Things You Can Do To Help The Family Of A Sick Child

You Can Save A Life!  Be A Bone Marrow Donor!

Go To The National Marrow Donor Program

Joseph's Journey:

Joseph's Diagnosis Story

Our Thank You page - A Tribute To The People Who Helped Us During Joseph's Illness

Joseph's Wish Comes True

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