Meet Other Families of Kids
With Cancer

 Abby Fought AML At UW Children's Hospital Alongside Joseph
    Meet a lively, sweet little girl and her family.

 Brian and Kevin are brothers with ALL
     Read their story and meet a family braver than any family should ever have to be!

 Missy is Battling Recurrent Neuroblastoma
    If you get a chance, send a cheerful note to brave "Miss Missy," and her
    wonderful mom, Michele.

Dave's Happy Little Hodgkins Web Site
    Dave is teen with Hodgkins, charming, thoughtful, obviously brilliant, hysterically funny
     and owns his own business.  Where were the guys like this when I was 16?

 Adele had a Bone Marrow Transplant for AML. . .
.    . . .and her dad has plenty to tell you about it!  Meet Adele, Donor Boy Ben and the whole gang.

 Visit Michael's Den! Michael is Fighting Neuroblastoma

 Katy takes on high risk ALL

 Nicholas Sano - ALL fighter and fun guy!

Cassandra Is In Remission From Stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma

 Levi Is a College Student in Remission from Lymphoma

 Kevin's Home Page for Kids With Cancer
     Kevin is a young adult who fought ALL for most of his childhood and had a BMT at 19.
     This is a great site from someone who has been there.  He wants his site to be an
     alternative to all the "useless," "uninformative" and "scary" sites about kids and cancer.

 Yossi Chaim Paley had a Bone Marrow Transplant!
      Visit this cheerful site from the Paley family, and find out about Yossi Chaim's adventure.
      Another very special PED-ONC mailing list family.

 Fighting Childhood Cancer As A Family
      The older brother of a teen with cancer writes this site about the whole family
        experience with childhood cancer.

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