The BEST Childhood Cancer Resources On The Web!

 Pediatric Oncology Resource Center

This site has information on the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer, explanations of some of the diagnostic tests and treatments that kids undergo, and best of all, lots of pictures of cancer kids and their families.  A great place to send concerned family members right after diagnosis to help them understand what you and your child are going through.

 OncoLink - General Cancer Information
 OncoLink - Pediatric Oncology Section

The University of Pennsylvania's "OncoLink" is THE BEST site on the web for cancer information of any kind.  Use the search engine to find the most recent National Cancer Institute patient and physician information (called PDQs) about the diagnosis, staging and treatment of any kind of cancer.  You can research treatment protocols, drugs and clinical trials here, find articles and information about state-of-the-art medical and psychosocial care of kids with cancer.

 Making Cancer Less Painful: A Handbook For Parents

Concrete information on the types of pain children face from cancer and cancer treatment, and practical steps to allieviate it.  A wonderful resource from Canada.

 Pediatric Pain Education for Patients, Families and Nurses

A very large--and expanding--web site from the University of Iowa on pain control for children, including pain from cancer and cancer treatment.

 Childhood Leukemia Center

Information on leukemia from Nancy Keene's excellent book, "Childhood Leukemia: A Guide for Families, Friends and Caregivers."

 Steve Dunn's Cancer Guide

This is a comprehensive, thoughtful site put together by a cancer survivor.  Steve links you to an amazing variety of general cancer resources on the web, and looks at some of the "big picture" issues involved in battling cancer, like whether to get involved in a clinical trial and how to gain perspective when the doctor gives you lousy odds.

Radiation Therapy for Pediatric Cancer

A good article with valuable information, reprinted from the introduction to a medical textbook.


An excellent site with information for survivors of childhood cancer, supported by the University of Wisconsin and designed by a long-term childhood cancer and BMT survivor.  Survivors can even author their own small web page on the site and share their stories with others.

 Band-aides and Blackboards

A site dedicated to helping chronically ill children cope and thrive in school, with lots of stories by and about kids, including several cancer kids.  A must-visit spot for teachers of children with cancer and all school nurses.  Very well produced; check out the hospital tour!

 KidsHome: National Cancer Institute Page for Kids with Cancer

Take your favorite "cancer kid" to see your tax dollars at work, at this nice NCI site for kids with cancer.  Pictures by kids, plus stories by and for children, and an essay for parents on talking to kids about cancer.

  MEDLINE Search

The U. S. National Library of Medicine, among others, is now offering FREE medline searches.  Use the MEDLINE search engine to get the latest information on any area of medical research.

 Bone Marrow Transplant Resources

The Squirrel Tales Childhood Cancer web site has an excellent page of links to BMT resources, through its "Information" page.  Scan this always growing web site for lots of other information as well--occasionally a little hard to navigate, however.

  The Pediatric Home Care Guide

Penn State University offers parents LOTS of practical information on caring for the medical and physical needs of kids in cancer treatment.  Very handy when you're just starting out in this new world of IV medicines, venous catheters, infections, nausea, mouth sores, etc. or when you have a question and the clinic nurse won't be in until Monday.

 Pediatric Oncology (PED-ONC) mailing list subscription site

You may subscribe to the PED-ONC internet mailing list at this site, or  you may join other mailing lists which center on a variety of cancer related topics.  For instance, there is a PED-ALL list, the N-BLASTOMA (neuroblastoma) mailing list and a newly created RHABDO-KIDS list.
You can also make changes to an existing subscription or search the archives of previous posts.  The list is run by a dedicated group of hard-working volunteer administrators, and most of the list members are parents of children with cancer, although some other family members, childhood cancer survivors, doctors and nurses are also regular contributors.  The mailing list generates a lot of mail, so look out!  I have found that it is well worth the deluge of mail, because it is a great way to interact with other parents of kids with cancer.  Once you've subscribed and have a sense of the flow of the correspondence, you can jump in and ask practical care questions, get support and share joys and difficulties with other people around the world who understand what you're going through and who speak the same strange medical lingo.  Read the subscription information carefully, so that your contributions will follow the posting guidelines.  Good news--no commercial posts allowed!

 Brain Tumor Experts

Brain tumor specialists (oncologists and neurologists) volunteer to answer your questions by e-mail at the "All Experts" site.

 "Taking Charge of Your Health"-- An Article on Medical Follow-Up For Childhood Cancer Survivors

The long-term effects of childhood cancer treatment are only recently gaining a lot of attention, thanks to the large numbers of children who are surviving their cancers and growing to adulthood.  Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation have serious health effects which can last for a lifetime, and this article addresses the necessity for formal medical follow-up.  This article is a MUST-READ for any childhood cancer survivor.

 National Childhood Cancer Foundation--Children's Oncology Group

NCCF is the fund-raising arm of the Children's Oncology Group (COG), the major childhood cancer research group.   NCCF is a non-profit organization, raising funds which go directly toward life-saving research into better, more effective treatments against childhood cancers.  Join today!

 Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Society

A fundraising and information organization focusing on neuroblastoma.

Make A Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish is the oldest and largest of the organizations which grant wishes to children facing life-threatening illnesses.

The Mind-Body Connection in Health and Healing

This site from the American Psychological Association explores the connection between emotional and physical well-being and has a series of articles on coping with serious illness.

updated May 31, 2001
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