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  Farmer Peter really likes driving Grandma's John Deere!

Nate and Joseph with Grandma Spurgeon, May 29, 2002.

  Careful what you do. . .Ashcroft is watching you!!

Free the Co-op Nursery Four!  Nathan, Nicholas, Katie and Peter want out now!

Joseph and Nate took part in a Madison Boychoir concert with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra on February 27th.  The pieces of music they had to learn were long and complex, but the Boychoir mastered them beautifully and it was a treat to hear them sing with a world-class orchestra and professional adult soloists.

Peter turned TWO in January, so he and "Meepmee" got their photo taken to celebrate.  Peter wore his favorite sweatshirt with a hammer, pliers and screwdriver on it, but Meepmee opted to go au naturel.


Raking leaves in the front yard, October, 2001.

Nate (12), Peter (21 mos.) and Joseph (10) with a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins they hauled out of the pumpkin patch!  Mid-October, 2001.

Gwen, Joseph, David, Fiona and Nate in the sycamore tree fort on the farm in Hillsboro, Kentucky, July 18, 2001.  The cows, sheep, llamas, dogs, ponies and kittens enthralled Peter while the big kids chatted and played and explored the woods and fields up and down the mountains.  Aunt Brooke and Uncle Skip ("Uncle Brick and Aunt Scoop") and the girls were great hosts and we think we might even be able to find our way back there!

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