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Jopey the Drummer

(That's me performing at my first paying gig, circa 1973)


At the age of 9, I began taking private instruction on the art of drumming.
Throughout my 35 year career I have played with some incredible musicians.
Here is a list of most of them, if I ommitted you, please let me know!

Current Projects Past Projects / Sub work / Studios
Band of Love
Dan Kennedy
The Eric Olsson Band
The Jones Trio
The O-Tones
Show of Cards
Steve Crow Trio aka Crow's Rebellion
T.J. and the Peepers
Tommy Whalen
Trailer Park
Wildcat O'Halloran Band
The Bombastics
Christina and the Flying Cantalinis
Dulce Santana
The Drumheads
Ed Vadas and the Fabulous Heavyweights
The Equalites
Ivory Steele (w/ Dan Tracey)
Jack Veronisi and Blue Zone
Janet Ryan
John Cantalini
John Sheldon
Jopey Studios
Lower Case G's
Julia Slone and the Fabulous Josephs
Llama Lasagne
The Mary Jane Jones
Showstring Studios (Various Artists)
Soundstream Media Services (Various Artists)
Tag Yer It
Watercourse Recording Studio (Various Artists)