Dennis J. VandenBrink, Ph.D., P.E.


I have created this site as a place where students and visitors can access the syllabi for the courses I teach at Western Michigan University as well as my notes for ME 2570: Mechanics of Materials and ME4700: Vehicle Structures.† I have also included a link to a series of programs that I have developed for Statics, Mechanics of Materials and Vehicle Structures.

Feel free to download any of the materials for your personal use.

Also, feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions about the materials.† I would enjoy hearing from you if you are using the notes or the computer programs.† Especially if you have suggestions for how any of the materials might be improved.

To Contact Me:

By E-mail:

By Phone: (269) 276-3440

Course Syllabi

A link is provided at right to the syllabus for each of the courses that I am teaching in the Fall 2015 Semester.† Each syllabi contains the required text, my office hours, how your grade is determined and, my homework and attendance policy.† The syllabi for ME 2570 and ME 2580 also contains a list of topics, sections of the textbook to read, and homework for each lecture.† I have provided the information in pdf format.

Course Notes and Materials

A link is provided at right to the course notes for ME 2570.† I have provided the information in pdf format.† If you print out these notes and bring them with you to class, you will have the basics of each of my lectures and your notetaking will be minimized.†


As exams are taken, I will add links to solutions to the exams to the right for ME 2570 and ME 2580.


Also, there are links at right and below to pdf files with the figures and notes used in ME 4700 as well as the homework assignments.† Solutions will be added as assignments and exams are completed.






ME 4700 Chapter 1-2 Figures

ME 4700 Chapter 3 Figures

ME 4700 Chapter 4 Figures

ME 4700 Chapter 5 Figures

ME 4700 Chapter 6 Figures

ME 4700 Chapter 9 Figures


ME 4700 Homework #1†††† Homework #1 Solution

ME 4700 Homework #2†††† Homework #2 Solution

ME 4700 Homework #3†††† Homework #3 Solution

ME 4700 Homework #4†††† Homework #4 Solution

ME 4700 Homework #5†††† Homework #5 Solution


Test #1 Solution

Test #2 Solution


Computer Programs

A link is provided at right to a few programs that I have developed for Statics and Mechanics of Materials.† They are pretty easy to run with the help provided within the program.† There is also a userís guide to a couple of the programs.† I hope to add more programs and user guides in the future.†

The first program is for the calculation of the centroid and area moments of inertia for a composite area.† The area moments of inertia are determined for the original coordinate system, the parallel coordinate system that has its origin at the centroid, and the principal coordinate system for the area.

The second program determines the reactions and draws the shear and bending moment diagrams for a statically determinant beam.† The program includes concentrated loads, concentrated moments, and up to linearly varying distributed loads.

The third program analyzes a simple truss.† It will determine member forces and stresses as well as joint displacements.† This program stores files for each truss analyzed for future reference.

The fourth program, for frame analysis, is written specifically for students taking ME 4700.† Instruction on how to use the program will be provided in the course.

I am interested in improving these programs and adding to the collection of programs.† If you have any suggestions for an improvement or a new program, please contact me with your ideas.

Who Am I?

I am an Associate Professor at Western Michigan University in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department.† I have been at WMU for over 30 years and I have taught courses in Statics, Dynamics and Mechanics of Materials for almost 35 years.

I have a Bachelorís Degree in Civil Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

I have a Masterís Degree and a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).

I am a registered professional engineer in the state of Michigan.

I also have an Masterís Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in finance from Western Michigan University.