Champions bred by DeAnne B. Little


I would like to thank and give my great appreciation to all of my friends who have helped me,

supported me and shared their vast knowledge of our beloved Pug that have made these following

43 home bred Champions possible !

Ch Dulittle's Eyes On The Prize '10

BIS Ch. Dulittle Takhini Gotta Secret Crush '10

Ch. Dulittle's Iddy Biddy Promise '09

Ch. Dulittle's Short Darrk 'N' Handsome '08

Ch. Coral Bay Xhilaration '08

Ch. Silk Dragon's Dulittle Black Out '08

Ch. Dulittle's Black Betty Bam Ba Lam'07

Ch. Dulittle's Darrk 'N' Lovely '07

Ch. Dulittle's Kitty Wee Hawk '07

Ch. Rose's Four Wheelin' Wild Child '07

Ch. Rose's Apache Sundance '07

Ch. Rose's Four Wheelin' Fancy '06

Ch. Dulittle-Wind Valley Crystal Rose '06

Ch. Dulittle-Rose Locked and Loaded '06

Ch. Dulittle's Reach for D'Skys '06

Ch. Dulittle's Lucky Charm '06

Ch. Dulittle's Angel In D'Skys '06

Ch. Dulittle's Iddy Biddy Secret '05

Ch. Dulittle's Shot In The Darrk ROM '05

Ch. Dulittle's Angel Wings '04

Ch. Dulittle's Little Bit Buck Shot '04

Ch. Dulittle's Flirtin' With Fire '04

Ch. Dulittle - Rose Hopelessly Devoted '04

Ch. Dulittle-Rose Sweet Cajun Fire '04

Ch. Dulittle's Lock n Load Gunner '04

Ch. Dulittle-Rose Wee Fairie Sprite '04

Ch. Coral Bay's Angelina Ballerina '04

Ch. Dulittle's On Wings Of Honor '03

Ch. Dulittle's Victoria's Secret '03

Ch. Rose Miss Liberty Belle '03

Ch. Wind Valley - Dulittle Deuces Wild '03

Am/ Can. Ch. Rose's Enduring Freedom '02

Ch. Dulittle - Rose Bourbon St Bourre '02

Ch. Wind Valley - Dulittle Cinderella '02

Ch. Rockin RC Dulittle Dot of Coral Bay '02

Ch. Dulittle - Coral Bay's Victory Flight '01

Ch. Dulittle's On Wings As Angels '01

Ch. Dulittle's Grace Under Fire '01

Ch. Coral Bay's Dixie Chic '01

Ch. Coral Bay's Tomahawk '01

Ch. Dulittle's Heaven Sent '00

Ch. Dulittle's On Wings As Eagles ROM* '00

Can Ch. Rosepugs Raven of Kailand