"Four-Bravo-Mike" is a 1967 Cessna 172-H owned and flown by Bob McDaniel

"4BM" was born in September 1966 as N3721F and spent its first six years in the rental fleet at Opelousas Flying Service in Opelousas, Louisiana. In 1972, it began three years as a "company" plane in Mississippi before transferring to an individual owner back in Louisiana. After 3 more years in Louisiana, it moved to Texas for a couple of years before making its way to a new owner in Ohio and the addition of a Horton STOL kit. In summer 1992, it flew to the Flying Dutchman in Belleville, Illinois where it flew from the grass for the next 15 years.

In September 2007, 21F came back to the hard surface at St. Louis Downtown Airport and began a transformation that included an N-number change, an avionics upgrade, a new leather interior, some minor corrosion control, and a fresh custom paint scheme applied by Brandis Aircraft Services in Taylorville, IL. (The lower portion of the aircraft appears gray in the photo but is really a metallic pale blue.)

The "before" photo below was taken just before the transformation began.

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the most successful light aircraft in history. The first production models were delivered in 1956 and Skyhawks are still being manufactured and sold today. More than 43,000 have been built.


Engine: Continental O-300, 6-cylinder, 145 horsepower
Fuel: 39 gallons 100 Octane Low-Lead Avgas burned at 8.2 gallons per hour
Service Ceiling: 13,100 feet
Normal Cruise Speed @ 75% Power: 134 mph for a Range of 603 miles
Flying Speed: 60 mph minimum; 174 mph maximum
Normal Category G-Loading: +3.8 / -1.52
Weight: 2,300 lbs Maximum; 1,420 lbs Empty
Useful Load: 880 lbs
Takeoff Distance: 685 feet
Landing Distance: 520 feet
Wingspan: 35 feet 10 inches