Thunderbolt E-340 Elliptical Wing Elan 500 Rectangular Wing

The Breeze LX was Buckeye's flagship with only 42 made and only three built with chrome molly side rails and out rigger tubes. It is powered by a Rotax 582 turning a 68" prop with an E-drive gearbox with electric start. It has full dual controls, Taskem digital instruments EIS with fuel gauge, and lots of fiberglass to include the eagle fairing, glide shield, and fiberglass seats. The exhaust is ceramic coated. It has a nose brake and it's topped off with embroidered seats and saddle bags and a beautiful candy-striped Thunderbolt E-340 elliptical parachute or an Elan 500 rectangular parachute as the backup spare.


 Come along for a video ride around the St. Louis area:

I frequently fly from right here:

My first powered parachute solo flight was in a Buckeye Dream Machine at Rees International Airport under the supervision of Reggie "Nail" Toler. (See photo below and see Angel Wings Aviation for more information on Nail.)


My first PPC was a 1997 Six Chuter Skye Ryder SR-2

Six Chuter SR-2 N814RM was constructed in 1997 and powered by a Rotax 503 engine. The SR-2 was purchased and constructed from a standard kit manufactured by Six Chuter, Inc. of Yakima, Washington. Six Chuter, Inc. has manufactured ultralight and light sport powered parachutes since 1990 and has been in business the longest of any powered parachute manufacturer under its original leadership and ownership. The aircraft flew for approximately 180 hours prior to the requirement for powered parachutes to be registered as an aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration. In response to new FAA regulations, a Special Airworthiness Certificate in the Experimental—Light Sport Aircraft category was issued on June 15, 2007 and with a new Performance Design Sunriser 500 parachute, the SR-2 was registered as N3172M. I purchased N3172M on January 12, 2009, and the aircraft registration number was changed to N814RM.

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