January, 2012 Edition

A Semi-Annual Newsletter For Retired and Present Management

Employees Of Hostess Cakes And Wonder Bread

Originally Continental Baking Company

Everett Ford, Editor
Bill Barron, West Coast Reporter


I received several helping hands after I asked for help in securing the right number to call regarding life insurance benefits beneficiary changes. The search was prompted when HERB VAN WYK’S son said he was having trouble collecting the insurance because his dad never changed beneficiaries after his first wife died. DONALD MOORE was the first to respond. LARRY WORLEY and CHARLIE DAVIS JR. also got involved, as did GREG WILKERSON. GREG received help from FRANK MCLAUGHLIN, Regional Director of Cake Production for Hostess. FRANK got JOE CABRAL, Human Resources Manager Biddeford, involved and as a result we received a copy of an email he received from SUE TILLMAN, Retirement Plans, Hostess Brands, Kansas City, MO.

“The contact number I have for company sponsored benefit questions regarding Life Insurance Death Claims is 1-888-556-8636.” She went on to explain that if someone wants to change their beneficiary they need to request a form for this purpose and can contact her, SUE TILLMAN, at 1-816-502-4210 or they can contact Amber Hardwick, Benefits Manager Hostess Brands, 717 N Harwood, Suite 2500, Dallas, TX 75201. Telephone 972-532-4590. Sue and Amber can also be contacted regarding pension and 401K questions.

Your Editor called the 1-888-556-8636 number to request a form to add our daughter as beneficiary. After sending it in we received the document, which tells the amount of term life insurance I have and the group policy number.

A special thanks on behalf of all retirees to JOE CABRAL, FRANK MCLAUGHLIN, SUE TILLMAN, GREG WILKERSON, LARRY WORLEY, DONALD MOORE, CHARLIE DAVIS JR and others that helped in answering the insurance question.


Hostess Brands, Inc, which emerged from bankruptcy protection in February 2009, has again hired restructuring advisers amid continued struggles with high ingredient, fuel and labor costs, according to The Wall Street Journal. Citing people familiar with the situation, the WSJ said Hostess has hired the law firm of Jones Day and financial services firm Perella Weinberg Partners to negotiate with creditors and attempt to rework the Irving, Texas based company’s finances. The WSJ noted that no restructuring appears imminent for Hostess, and adequate cash is available to operate in the near term.

In related news, BRIAN DRISCO, CEO of Hostess Brands, Inc., announced in July 2011 several actions to lower costs and improve competitiveness. In August he announced they had began discussions with a number of major stakeholders, including unions and their own pension funds to find a solution to strengthen the company. They determined that a prudent course of action in the near term is to temporarily suspend payments to the multi employer pension plans that they contribute to on behalf of many of the union employees.
He went on to stress that this is only temporary and it will not affect pension benefits. Employees will continue to earn benefits and retirees will continue to receive their monthly pension checks without interruption. The suspended payments will be a deferred obligation of the company to the multi employer pension plans.
This will not affect those who retired under CBC, ITT CBC or Ralston CBC. Northern Trust Company of Chicago, Illinois handles all those funds for Nestle who purchased Ralston and assumed responsibility of those retiring from the above-mentioned companies.


MICKEY DANIELS enjoys the newsletter and sent us the news that her son, GARY, has been transferred to Minnesota and is now a VP for Sara Lee. Many of the Midwest will remember GARY who worked out of Schiller Park for CBC. I had the pleasure of working with Gary and I can testify he has the skills of his dad EDDIE, who was Regional Bread Sales Manager for CBC Midwest.

ALBERT FERNANDEZ reports that in December 2011 he will be 90 years old.
He has survived colon cancer surgery and more recently had surgery on his gums. He still feels blessed and says, “I just keep going”. Good for you AL!

ELEANOR MORELAND, retired Natick Plant Controller, told us that ROBERT (BOB) TURNER, who was the retired Bread Superintendent at Natick, Ma plant for over 25 years, passsed away April 8, 2011. Eleanor said she and her husband, JON, who retired as Receiving Superintendent of Natick, heard the news during the annual CBC reunion with former employees of Natick in April. She and JON both worked with BOB and fondly recall his reference to the holes in the bread as “flavor pockets” and said some former employees might remember BOB’S nickname was “Slick”

ELEANOR HATTAM is still taking trips and going to the Indiana Casinos and adds “not winning” but enjoying herself. She said if her good friend DON STENGER can find a little extra in the piggy bank for the newsletter, so can she and sent us a little extra. Thanks ELEANOR.

CHUCK and MILLIE ASHWORTH are having a few “old age grumps” because so many things are saying, “fix me”. They both have the same approach to life, put a smile on your face to whatever comes up and keep an open mind that we can handle the situation. Their son BRIAN continues to be one of the top executives at Edward Jones. He is in Personnel Labor and loves his job and the company. MILLIE AND CHUCK say “Hello” to those that know them.

AL and MARYANN MANISCO somehow got dropped from the mailing and hopefully we have that straightened out now.

HANK ALEXANDER is finding things kind of quiet in Georgia with no golf, very little yard work, despite a yard that looks like a disaster area with hot weather you will not believe, all compounded by a hip that is still far from normal. Chances are it will never be what HANK refers to as normal, but it functions for necessities and gets him around with the aid of a cane. Driving is not a problem, and for the first time in his life he has a handicap-parking permit. Originally it was issued as a six-month temporary but when it expired it was reissued as a permanent. The surgeon is optimistic it will heal but it seems as it does improve two steps it then slides back one. He figures, at this rate, it will be at 95% in 2019 when he is 90. He enjoys receiving the newsletter but dreads the bad news. He does feel there’s more good than bad especially if you figure this report of his as positive. HANK says, “Considering the alternative, I think it qualifies.”

ALICE TEDESCO enjoys seeing familiar names in the newsletter, which bring back fond memories. She was in New York in May and had her son drive her to Rye and drove be the CBC headquarters. She wished she had time to look up a few people.
ALICE asked us to excuse her writing; she has low vision from Macular Degeneration. I can testify that you can’t tell it from your writing, beautiful as ever.

GEORGE HILL sends his best and says he’s coming up 88.

DUANE LOGAN sent a short note to let us know he’s still alive and well in Aurora, Colorado.

RAY HERT was sorry to hear that the Jamaica Bakery closed. That is where he got his start in the lab that was above the bakery. It’s also where he met his wife that also worked in the lab. They moved to White Plains when the lab moved to Harrison. RAY closes with “fond memories”

GENE FOUTS thanked me for the nice things I said about him in the last newsletter and he and IDA enjoys hearing about the activities of Excons even though they don’t recognize many names. I only told the truth when praising GENE. The words came easy.

ED HILDEBRAND enjoys receiving the newsletter but there are fewer of his compatriots still above ground “looking at the green instead of the brown” With the passing of MARCELL URICH, PARKER WARD and HERB VAN WYK, there are very few of the general office men still around that I worked with and some of the bakeries he built, Natick and East Brunswick are now closed. He had to move his wife, MARGY, into the nursing wing at Blakeford approximately a year ago due to the progression of Alzheimer’s. ED is still going strong but a little slower. He sails his 12 ½ foot Herreshoff whenever there is wind and the temperature is below 90 degrees with no thunder storms.

WALLY WHITE rarely sends emails any more because of his poor vision. He gave up driving last summer and has been certified as being legally blind. He has a video magnifier and a computer program that allows him to blow p written material to where he can read it but it is very slow. WALLY really enjoys talking books from the Library of Congress. He does a hard workout 3 times a week and volunteers in the fitness room at the local senior center so he says he’s in the best physical condition he’s been in his life.

Received a call last summer from PETE MULE concerning a planned cocktail party in St. Louis, MO on June 23. Having been raised in St Louis and worked there for CBC from 1960 – 1973 prior to being transferred to Indianapolis as Sales Manager Hostess Cakes, I really wanted to attend but it happened to be my birthday and other plans had already been made. The party was held and below is the pictures I received.
L-R Paula Ray, Sharon Steis, Jim Fales, Larry Worley, Tim Morris, Dana Baker, Don Semple, Miriam and Jim Williams
From all accounts the party was a success. Hopefully it will become a tradition.
To the left is a picture of Pete Mule’ who was not in the group picture but did attend.

HAROLD SCHMIDT wanted to thank me for putting the newsletter together and let us know he worked for RON BENJAMIN at GO in St Louis until RON retired. He encourages those that know him to contact him on his cell 989-573-1902 or his email is He lives in Freeland Michigan now and is currently looking for employment.

BOB FILIPPI, who worked for CBC for 20 years on the Wonder Bread side, received a copy of the newsletter from PEGGY PENICK, JIM’S widow.
BOB worked for JIM PENICK on the Eastern Division Staff as Divisional Bread Production Mgr. He started his CBC career in the Jamaica, NY plant in 1969 and worked in the East Brunswick, Columbus, Ohio and Bronx NY plants.
BOB was sad to hear of the passing of DICK KOFFMAN, DICK was fleet Superintendent when BOB was Operations Manager at East Brunswick, NJ. DICK was not only a great man and friend but a valued and superior Department head, always giving 110%. BOB says he’s been looking for HOWARD GIBSON who was Chief Engineer at Columbus, Ohio. He sends shout outs to RON BENJAMIN, DAVE GIBSON, LARRY REIMER, GERRY MARTIN, LEONARD BRAY where are you? And THAD CLAVETTE and all others he met and worked with over the glory years. BOB’s email is

TJ KELLER, ED’S brother, sent a request to be taken off the list. He’s enjoyed the newsletter over the years from his brother and also from me but he simply does not recognize anyone any more.

LEON (BERT) and SHIRLEY BARTO sent a brief note to tell me they enjoyed the newsletter.

TOM P HOWLEY passed away on July 6, 2011 in Naples, FL following a brief illness. TOM and his wife of 59 years, JEAN HYATT HOWLEY were residents of Imperial Golf Estates. Retiring as an Industrial Engineer with ITT. TOM was a WW II veteran and a graduate of Norwich University. He started his career with General Electric and later joined ITT and moved his family to Brussels, Belgium for 5 years before settling in Wilton, CT. While in Belgium TOM started St John’s International School, which now has 950 students. After retirement TOM and JEAN volunteered in Sri Lanka as a consultant to a coconut-processing complex. A world traveler, TOM enjoyed fishing, hunting and oil painting.,

Thomas M. Williams
(May 16, 1935 - October 15, 2011)
TOM died Saturday, October 15, 2011 at his residence. TOM was born May 16, 1935 in Berryville, TN. He was a 1954 graduate of Gordonsville High School. He was an active member of the Southside Lions Club and was an avid golfer. He retired from Continental Baking as a Sales Manager after 32 years of service. He was a member of Union Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church where he served as an elder and taught adult Sunday school class. TOM is survived by his wife of 51 years; IMOGENE STURGEON WILLIAMS, of Gordonsville, TN. TOM started at the Indianapolis bakery as a sales rep and held positions of Sales Supervisor, Branch Manager, Account Executive and Sales Manager for both Hostess Cakes and Wonder Bread. His piers and those who worked for him respected TOM. Your Editor had the pleasure of working with TOM. No matter what his responsibility, or situation, you could always rely on his operation to run as a well-oiled machine and with a sense of humor.
ARTIE JUERS, former Director of Quality Control, died September 5, 2011. Always proud of his affiliation with CBC, the picture at right shows ARTIE with his new grandchild dressed in a replica of a Wonder Bread wrapper. He was 83 years old. Artie worked in the original lab above the Jamaica Bakery and in 1957 was transferred to the Rye Lab and worked there until the office was moved to St. Louis. He was promoted to Director of Quality Control after moving to St Louis, a position he held until his retirement. He was injured while working in Natick with two trainees by a car while they were crossing the street after work. All three received major injuries. JOE SIGNORE arranged for the company plane be made available for GLORIA, ARTIE’S wife, so she could see ARTIE. He suffered from the injuries to his left leg until his death. Those that attended the Tampa Luncheons will recall being greeted by ARTIE and GLORIA as they arrived. They were constant participants and workers at the luncheons hosted by JACK CRISP. SUE and I enjoyed the hospitality of ARTIE and GLORIA many times in Florida.

Received word that ROBERT TREDWELL, Former Director of Insurance and Safety for ITT CBC in Rye, passed away June 18, 2011.
EDWIN DINSMORE, former CPA for ITT CBC died December 15, 2010. He was 91 years old.
HOWARD NAUKAM, former Kansas City Regional Cake Production Manager died October 28, 2011. He was 87 years old.
CATHERINE GORDON, wife of ROBERT (BOBBY) GORDON, passed away November 14, 2011. She was 84 years old. She’s survived by her husband of 64 years BOBBY GORDON, former plant Manager of Minneapolis, and children JEFF, who also worked for the company, TODD, JUDY, SUSIE, PATRICIA, ROBERT, TERRANCE and STEVE, 16 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.
Sue and I first met CATHERINE on a 7 day cruise, that both BOBBY and I won in a sales contest. It was an unforgettable experience on a 90 foot yacht cruising the Caribbean. Also on the cruise was DEL BAUERNFEIND and BOB WILLIAMS, VP Midwest Division at the time and wives. After retiring, both the Gordon’s and the Ford’s moved to Leesburgh, FL. and have kept in touch over the years. Our prayers go out to BOBBY and family. CATHERINE was a great lady.

ANN WARD said I made an error when I said PARKER retired as Director of Engineering rather than Director of Cake Engineering. ED HILDEBRAND was the Director of Engineering at that time. ANN also said it would soon be one year since her husband, PARKER , passed away. CBC will always have a special place in her heart because that’s where ANN and PARKER met, in the Engineering Department in Rye, NY. They had 42 happy years together.

TOM ROLFS mentioned that future contributions to the newsletter could hinge on my spelling his name right. He pointed out that there is no “e” in his name as there is in the other TOM ROLFES who lives in Connecticut. In my defense, TOM is the guy that told me about Windows Word, which I still use, and suggested at that time it would help my spelling deficiencies. Wouldn’t it be a normal assumption that Tom would have told me that spell check doesn’t differentiate between names and regular words. So, even though I will heed TOM’S request to spell his name right, I’m sure all can see that the problem was created by TOM in the first place.

Once again JERRY EMLEY and I went fishing in Canada. Once again, JERRY out fished me. I always use the excuse that I’m the guide, which falls on deaf ears. WE got into the walleye on a windy day far across the lake. We had to return to the cabin after a rough trip on the water to dry off and change clothes prior to taking pictures and cleaning the fish.

Jerry Emley w/lake troutEverett and a stringer of walleye and one pike

In November I went to GREG WILKERSON’S 100-acre spread, affectionately called “The White House”, to deer hunt. JERRY WILLIAMS, LARRY WORLEY and TOM BUNDY, JERRY’S friend, as well as GREG, and his neighbor MIKE BORSENIK, was there for the hunt. GREG is what everyone’s image is of a true Outdoorsman. He knows the animal’s habits and can clean a deer in 15 minutes. (No exaggeration). His neighbor MIKE is also a skilled outdoorsman. GREG and MIKE were preoccupied with making sure the rest of us got a deer. JERRY WILLIAMS was the first to get a deer. TOM was the next to get a deer and I was able to get one just before dark on the third day of hunting
Jerry Williams and his deerLarry Worley & Mike Borsenik “cookin’ W/gas” Larry Worley and Greg Wilkerson


Contact info Bill Barron email:
473 S Wheeler Pl
Orange, CA 92869-4734

THOMAS B.FRIELINK April 1921 – August 2011 “If this pencil cost $1.00 to manufacture; how many do you need to sell at $.75 to make a profit?” If those words sound familiar to you then you more than likely encountered THOMAS B. FRIELINK during your career. Tom passed away in his home in Gresham Oregon on August 11th of this year at the age of ninety. His wife of 67 years HELEN, and children: David, Jim and Susan survived him. Born in Detroit Michigan Tom grew up there and attended the University of Detroit before serving in the Marine Corps during WWII. Tom’s Continental career started in Detroit where he worked as sales rep and supervisor for both Wonder and Hostess. Tom later managed CBC plants in New Bedford, MA and Milwaukee, WI prior to becoming the regional bread sales manager for the Los Angeles region, which led to his final position as V.P. of the San Francisco region from which he retired in 1985.
Tom was a man who is easy to remember. Compassionate, encouraging, intimidating, mentoring and supportive are not words sometimes used to describe Tom but segments of his everyday character. As JOE MORGAN, when managing the Seattle plants for Tom, put it; “working for TOM FRIELINK was the same as earning a PHD in management.” Tom never detailed his life’s priorities but he lived them in his everyday life. For TOM FRIELINK it was God and family followed by his profession.

RICK ELLIOTT was kind enough to compose the above article about TOM and send it in for the Newsletter.

JOE MORGAN wrote, “I am saddened by Tom’s passing. In 1976, he gave me the opportunity to be the GM of the Seattle Bakeries. It was a big risk on his part because Seattle made 50% of the old SF Regions profit. We had our disagreements, but when the chips were down, he stayed with me. Last year, Gov Gilmore who brought me into the CBC organization, died at the age of 101. There are very few of the dedicated old timers remaining.”

RAY AND MARLENE FACCENDA reported they had a busy summer keeping up with their 7 Grandchildren and 7 Great Grandchildren. Also they took their Annual trip to San Francisco and the Napa Wine Country, for a few weeks. They also spent time in San Diego to get out of the heat in Rancho Mirage.

TONY DELIVA reports, “My family is doing great! All my kids are married now and this big house is bigger. When my grandkids come over it sounds like home again. The Lord Jesus is the love of my life and he keeps my family close to us. I am still playing with my cars and weight lifting its just getting harder at times.

MIKE WALTERS wrote, “Hi Bill, Announced my retirement.... December 31, 2013. (Could change but hope not).
Thanks to the dedication of over 350 employees and an extremely professional staff, Love's Bakery, Inc. will report its' most successful year (2011) dating back to the 80's. We signed a three-year contract with our union, operating profit, cash flow, net sales to the public, safety performance, downtime, quality assurance, and productivity (pounds per man hour), have exceeded all documented records. .... Just one of those banner years. Not sure what we can do for an encore in 2012.”

MARV REYBURN sent a note saying, “KARREN and I went to New York City the end of September, we wanted to see “Ground Zero,” but it was sold out when we got there and they also informed us that so many people who signed up on-line were not showing up for their times, they were giving tickets out at a building across from ground Zero, but they were also all gone. However we did go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We also went to the Metropolitan Museum, rode the sub-way and got lost a few times, but had a good time walking in Central Park. Lots of good Restaurants plus, New York Pizza and sub sandwiches. We are in good health and wished we traveled more.”

JIM HAM wrote, “Dear God - Bill! It appears I may be one of the few remaining "Actives" in the Baking Industry. All those names bring back some old memories. Just think when I started in 1973 there were dozens of Wholesale Bakeries. Now it is rapidly approaching a handful. Sunday, BBU will officially acquire Sara Lee Baking Division which, as you will remember, is all that is left of: Campbell Taggart -Earth Grains, Metz & Specialty Foods. I anticipate IBC - now Hostess Brands, will not survive much longer. Just think of all those corporations which no longer exist: American Bakeries, Langendorf, Kilpatricks, ITT Continental, etc.,etc. Good hearing from you & hope all is well!”

I received the following email from JOE MORGAN, “Bill, I have not received a newsletter for about two years; in fact, I thought it had been discontinued. Last summer, we traveled to Spain, Portugal, and the Island of Madeira to visit with some of Theresa's relatives. I will formally complete my second year of college at Armstrong Atlantic State University in the spring, slowly working on a degree in history, work 10 hours a week at the Writing Center, teaching students how to develop and write required school papers. I swam my 5000th mile (it took 18 years), continue to be active in a men's book club, Play Bridge, poker, and group board games. Our health, the greatest gift of all, remains very good. We hope that everything is going well for you.”

EDWIN D. PIPER (Sonny) August 2, 1939 – July 19, 2011

I received a very nice note from JODY PIPER and this picture of them as it appeared in an Industry magazine a few years back. “I miss him terribly. He would have been 72 on August 2nd, and our 54th wedding anniversary would have been on August 11th,” JODY said SONNY’S health had been in decline for several years. He was hospitalized on July, 5th and it was determined he had a brain “lesion”. He slipped totally into a coma and was then transferred to hospice on the 18th and passed away on the 19th of July. This reporter worked with SONNY for many years. Everyone in the grocery business and the baking industry knew and respected SONNY PIPER. SONNY started in the Garage Dept. at the Beverly Hills Bakery in 1961 washing and refueling trucks. He moved into Route Sales in 1963 and through the years held various jobs and positions. Sales Supervisor, Branch Manager, Account Executive, Area Sales Manager, Senior Account Executive and finished out his career with CBC in 1995 as Director of Trade Development for the Western United States. JODY, WE WILL ALSO MISS HIM.

PAUL PORTER wrote: “Since you mentioned cruises – DIXIE and I, along with her two widowed sisters, leave next week for a two week cruise from L.A. to Hawaii and back (we hope). I worry that we are out of our minds - - four 80 year old plus people cruising. We sent a note to Tom/Helen Frielink for their last birthday and he phoned later to visit. It was very nice for both of us to visit with them, especially since his death followed before long. We miss all of the good CBC people. Thanks for your work with the Newsletter!!!!”

DUANE LOGAN sent an email and said: “Sad to hear about HERB VAN WYK. He hired me in 1965 as a supervisor of Division #3 Wonder Bread in Denver and promoted me to Sales Manager six months later where I stayed for 26 years. I can’t believe I have been retired for 20 years and am pushing 80 years old. Bill, do you remember our marketing training at Rye, CBC’s General Office and we had to remember all 26 names of those of us in training before we finished. How about those 15 hour days with GENE WELLS on the market? I worked in those 26 years for 9 Gen. Mgrs., 7 Regional S. Mgrs. and three Regional VP’s. Oh well, nothing like memories.”

RALPH HUBBLE sent the following: “Thanks Bill for sending me the Newsletter. I misplaced the one you gave me at Ella’s get together. Was good to see you again and to see you are still in good health. My wife, DIANA, and I are planning a cruise in August and flying to Spain. From there we will cruise to several ports in Spain and then on to several in France. From there to Italy and then back to Spain and home, for a total of 14 days. Between Diana and me we have 8 grown children, 23 grandkids and 2 great grandsons. One grandson and one granddaughter are currently serving in the U.S. Air Force. We are very proud of all our kids. After Pomona closed, I started liking not having to go to work!! Home every holiday and every weekend and no phone calls in the middle of the night. So after 43 plus years with Wonder I am now a “stay at home” and enjoy life daily. Do miss all the people but stay in contact with many of them.”

BETTY BEIGAY sent the following, “Just a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed receiving the Hostess Wonder Excons Retirees Newsletter. It is good to know how the people you worked with for many years are doing. I am saddened to hear of so many passing on. I have taken many trips with my family since retiring. I spend a lot of time with my children and their families. I have 4 grandchildren and one great grandson. Keep up the good work and let the editor know how much the newsletter is enjoyed.”

WALLY WHITE wrote, “It’s been awhile so I thought it would be good to bring you up to date. I rarely send emails anymore because my vision has gotten very poor. I gave up driving last summer. I was certified as being legally blind about six months ago. I have a video magnifier and a computer program that allows me to blow up written material to where I can read it, but it is very slow. I really enjoy talking books from the Library of Congress. I do a hard work out three times a week and volunteer in the fitness room at the local senior center. So I am in the best physical condition I have been in my life.”

AL MANISCO’S wife, MARYANN, sent a nice note thanking me for the two newsletters that I mailed them. “It is really great to have this link to news of all such great people that you and AL worked with. Wonder Bread and CBC was a major part of all our lives during all the years of raising our families.”

It is always nice to hear from BOB WARREN, he sent a picture of these “ole timers” with a note saying, “A combination of over 150 years of service with CBC in this picture: BOB FRY, BILL BAKER, KIRBY WILLIAMS, BOB WARREN & KENNY SCHOULTZ. All have passed away except me.”

SYLVESTOR L MORIMANDO Oct 1921 – Sept. 2011
SAL started working for CBC inside the Bakery in New York in 1941. When WW 11 came along SAL was drafted into the Armed Services. When the war was over he went back to work inside the bakery for a couple of years and then got into route sales in Rochester, New York. He moved to California in 1951 and worked out of the Beverly Hills Bakery on a bread route. He then went to the Van Nuys branch, working under BILL THOMPSON, as a route salesman and was promoted to route supervisor shortly thereafter. SAL worked his way up the ladder and was promoted to the following positions, Branch Manager, Area Sales Manager, Restaurant Sales Manager and retired after 42 years of service, as the Regional Restaurant Sales Manager. SAL was just one month shy of celebrating his 91st birthday when he passed away in Salem, Oregon. He leaves behind, ROSE, his wife of 65 years and one son and five grandchildren.

MARK COOPER checked in from Colorado and sent some pictures of the fish that he and BEV caught in Alaska while vacationing there for five weeks These are the ones MARK and BEVERLY caught in Homer, Alaska.
They did three weeks cruising the state in a RV, One week in Kodiak where BEV caught her Halibut and one week in Anchorage sightseeing. They shipped six - 50lb. boxes of fish home. What a great vacation and a marvelous way to celebrate your 35th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations!!
This is the 163 lb. Halibut BEV caught.

Received a nice email from LARRY STREET saying, “I have been retired going on six years now. I don’t know that it is the greatest thing in the world, but I keep busy. TOM DICKENS introduced me to golf and there is a group of us that play every Tuesday. We are all from all different walks of life so it makes it interesting. I still do not understand when you look at football, basketball and baseball they all have the same thing in common, high score always wins. So I don’t understand why I don’t always win at golf. I have worked woodworking all my life so I have been busy making things for Christmas. My wife and I have traveled in our motor home up until this year. We sold it and stick close to home now. I do take care of our yard and my daughter’s yard and walk every day to keep my health up”.

I received a nice note from JEFF GORDON telling me, “I just returned from a trip back to Minneapolis this day, after my mother's (CATHERINE GORDON) funeral services were completed. Glad she's in a much better place now, and not having to deal with Alzheimer's any longer. It is a bad time of year to be north of the Mason-Dixon Line, no matter what the circumstances are, but this trip was somewhat tougher.
I’m still "pounding the pavements" for Flowers Foods and selling bread mixes since they purchased our business group from General Mills back in May 2009. Business is just OK, but could always be better as you know. Heading toward that retirement age of 65 within 22 months, and that would make 49 years in the baking business for me with CBC, Pillsbury/General Mills, and Flowers Foods. Seems like 149 years, some days, as you can imagine. Am enjoying San Diego and ALL it has to offer, while making a number of new friends out here on the "left coast". Some golf, sailing, and sport fishing keeps me entertained when not working, and, in between visits from my father (BOB GORDON). Hope to retire here, if I can still afford the price of sunshine and warm Southern California temperatures by then. Who knows anymore?”

Your editor received a letter and Christmas card from KEN SHMIDT. He and ALBERTA wish all a Merry Christmas. They have had blessings and a few bumpy spots this year. KEN is having more arthritis pains in his hips and uses a cane. ALBERTA’S mammogram in July showed suspicious areas where she had cancer 7 years ago.
A biopsy in August had good results. There is not much change in her ALS condition. Their grandson ANDY had a seizure in May and was diagnosed with Juvenile Myopic Epilepsy and has been on medication to prevent seizures. He has had to suspend his drivers training until he’s gone 6 months without a seizure. His doctors tell them that this kind of epilepsy can often be outgrown. ALBERTA’S 92 year old sister passed away from lung cancer October 26th 2011 and fortunately did not have a prolonged period of suffering. KEN and ALBERTA can no long go any distance from home but their children KATHY, KAREN and DAN, GREG and ANGIE went to Akron, Ohio for the funeral. Sister JUNE , 89, who lives in Rantoul, IL seems to be doing OK. Her son JACK and his wife, BRENDA, were able to accompany her to Akron.

As a final note, SUE and I will be spending the winter in Leesburg, Florida from January through March 2012. We took a trip to Florida in September to find a place for the winter and found a great place that fit our needs. Since we now have a dog, that fact did narrow our sources but we came up with a great 3 bedroom home in Royal Highlands which is surrounded by Monarch Golf course. I’ll be able to play with the same golf group that I did when we lived in Leesburg. Not having lived there for 6 years it will be great to renew old acquaintances and meet a few new ones.

Sue and I continue to have good health. Since getting TRAMP, our dog, from the Humane Society, SUE is walking 2 to 4 miles every day and keeping in great shape. A few years ago the doctor said she was starting to show signs of diabetes and suggested she go on insulin. SUE didn’t want any part of that so the doctor said, “Well, the alternative is to lose 30 pounds, do you think you can lose thirty pounds?” I can’t give you the exact answer SUE gave but basically she said he could bet his sweet posterior she could. She did lose 30 pounds and has kept it off for over 3 years now and she’s determined to keep it off.

KEN YORK is doing fine in the Ozarks and proud of his newest grandchild, the first for his youngest daughter (40 years old). His wife is in Dallas playing “Granny Nanny”.

BOB KOERTH had a knee replacement and JEAN had cataracts removed this year. They still traveled 21,000 miles in their new car mostly in the USA visiting 9 National Parks, 6 Presidential Libraries or homes 12 major league baseball games in 10 cities and did the Vancouver to Toronto, Canada train trip. They visited relatives in Las Vegas as well as saw several shows and won a bit of money. BOB and JEAN have two trips planned for next year out of the country and plan to travel a couple of months in the USA. BOB continues to play a lot of golf when they are home and JEAN continues to enjoy her grandchildren.