Native Born USA Chinese (Cantonese) Chief Executive Officer Edmond Choi worth over $20 Billion according to United States Government


Edmond Choi manages the Edmond Choi Network (ECN) which consists of: &


·        Occupation: 

·        Edmond Choi is a Native Born USA Chinese Billionaire entertainment, technology, and government executive. He is also a Business Owner and Philanthropist.

·        Entertainment experiences: Executive to the A-list stars (Celebrity Head Boss), International Star, filmmaker, director, comedian, actor and model.

·        Edmond Choi is one of the Top Ten most powerful people in Entertainment. (He should be listed as the #1 most powerful people in Entertainment…since he doesn’t lie.)

·        US Government experiences: White House Political Aide AKA Former Vice President Al Gore’s Aide, Currently rank higher than Former Vice President Al Gore

·        and all ex-Presidents of the United States of America, World Leader, Chief of Police’s Boss, Former State Assemblymen’s Boss (AKA Mike Eng’s Boss since the 1980’s),

·        Official Spokesperson for America, Member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Private Security Officer   

·        Edmond Choi ranks higher than over 80% of the White House staff.

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What can $1 Billion Dollars buy?

Walt Disney Company - $1 Billion Dollars @ $50 per share = 20,000,000 shares

Comcast NBC Universal - $1 Billion Dollars @ $50 per share = 20,000,000 shares

or Convert them to Magical Entertainment Services shares. $1 Billion Dollars @ $0.01 = 100,000,000,000 shares


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