Agnostic Native Born USA Chinese (Cantonese) Chief Executive Officer Edmond Choi worth over $20 Billion according to United States Government


Edmond Choi manages the Edmond Choi Network (ECN) which consists of: 

Edmond Choi's Art Studio & Magical Entertainment Services at: &


                                                                   Owns a One Billion Dollars Battleship

·        Occupation: 

·        Edmond Choi is a Native Born USA Chinese Billionaire entertainment, technology, and government executive. He is also a Business Owner and Philanthropist. He is also a "watchdog."

·        Entertainment experiences: Executive to the A-list stars (Celebrity Head Boss), International Star, independent filmmaker, director, comedian, actor and model.

·        Edmond Choi is one of the Top Ten most powerful people in Entertainment. (He should be listed as the #1 most powerful people in Entertainment…since he doesn’t lie.)

·        US Government experiences: White House Political Aide AKA Former Vice President Al Gore’s Aide, Currently rank higher than Former Vice President Al Gore and all ex-Presidents of the United States of America, World Leader, Chief of Police’s Boss, Former State Assemblymen’s Boss (AKA Mike Eng’s Boss since the 1980’s), Official Spokesperson for America, Member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Private Security Officer   

·        Edmond Choi ranks higher than over 80% of the White House staff.

Contact the celebrity head boss at and let me know how I can help you today. 

Skype: edmond.choi1

What can $1 Billion Dollars buy?

Walt Disney Company - $1 Billion Dollars @ $50 per share = 20,000,000 shares

Comcast NBC Universal - $1 Billion Dollars @ $50 per share = 20,000,000 shares

or Convert them to future Magical Entertainment Services shares - $1 Billion Dollars @ $0.01 per share = 100,000,000,000 shares

                                                                                                                                                        Picture of Edmond Choi and Mike Eng


I also sell things and take paypal as a form of payment. Please contact me if you want to buy anything from me. I can possibly autograph it too.

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