Design & Consulting

Synergy sound & vision, having developed expertise in home electronics integration and installation, now offers design and consulting to contractors and homeowners that may already have a low voltage installer or be capable of installation themselves. Any number of levels of involvement can be negotiated; from system design and on-site supervision of your labor to simply providing drawings and documentation for your project.

It is common (but not necessary) that custom installations be conducted during new construction, renovation or redecorating. We work closely with your builder, architect or interior designer, to integrate a system into the architecture of your home. Or as a licensed Michigan builder we can take your project from concept through design to finished trim and painting.

Even after the last piece of trim is completed and the system is turned on, our job is not complete until you are completely familiar with the operation of your system. Through the use of programmable remote controls and/or in-wall keypads your system will be intuitive and easy to learn so every member of your family can easily operate the system. This way, the system gets used every day, making a Synergy sound & vision designed system a great value!