Applications Needed:


1.     MPEG2WORKS ($10 Shareware)

2.     Sizzle

3.     Roxio Toast Titanium ($99 US)



Step 1:  Convert DIVX To MPEG2 File

1.     Open MPEG2WORKS and click DVD/SVCD, then pick your type of DVD you wish to make (PAL or NTSC)

2.     From the options available, choose the DVD button that fits your resolution (4:3 or 16:9) based on the type of DIVX file you have.

3.     When you push the button of your choice it will ask you to SELECT FILE TO CONVERT TO (button type pushed). This is where you choose your DIVX file. 

NOTE:  This only works with what I call Ňtrue DIVX filesÓ ie those that are not converted to a playable format in QuickTime with DIVX doctor/ validator.

4.     As it says on MPEG2WORKS, you will get 3 files, which we can build our image with in Sizzle:

1.     .m2v (video track only)

2.     .mp2 (audio track only)

3.     mpeg2 (muxed video and audio track)


Step 2:  Build DVD IMAGE using Sizzle

NOTE: This tutorial is using Sizzle 0.1 because 0.5 has given me lots of trouble when compiling disk images.  The playback is jittery and not to my liking.  However, v0.1 seems to build the images with no problems.  The resulting DVD will be MOVIE ONLY COPY which is not biggie because the DIVX is MOVIE ONLY.


1.     Open Sizzle 0.1 and click DISC.  Set the ASPECT RATION to the same ration you chose when using MPEG2WORKS.  Set VIDEO SYSTEM to the type of DVD you chose to convert the DIVX file to (NTSC or PAL).  Set the VDIEO FORMAT to the resolution you want for the DVD and make sure if your video system is NTSC that you choose a NTSC format.

2.     Next, click AUDIO TRACKS.  Set the language to the language of the audio track.  Set FORMAT to MP2.

3.     Next, click CHAPTERS.  Set INPUT FORMAT to M2V: MPEG-2 Elementary Streams.  Click on VIEW/EDIT FILES FOR TRACK drop down menu and ensure you have two available options


b.     AUDIO TRACK (MP2)

4.     Choose VIDEO TRACK

5.     Click INPUT FILE PATH and choose the .m2v file created by MPEG2WORKS, and choose SELECT INPUT PATH. You will then see the Chatpter 1 file listing show you the path to this video file.


7.     Click INPUT FILE PATH and choose the .mp2 file created by MPEG2WORKS and choose SELECT INPUT PATH.  This is done to add that audio file to that particular video file you just added earlier.

8.     If you want to add chapter marks at even intervals across the length of the movie, click on OTHER and then check the box that says USE CUSTOM CHAPTER TIMES (SEPERATED BY COMMAS) and begin to enter the time marks you want the chapters.  Leave 0:00:00.00 in the beginning and add your next mark by adding something like this 0:00:00.00, 0:05:00.00, 0:10:00.00É. for a mark ever 5 min

9.     Click OUTPUT PATH and choose a location to save the DVD image and its name (DVD_NAME.img)

10. Where it says DISC LABEL, set that to be what you want the dvd to be named.  If your divx is say Animatrix, set it to ANIMATRIX.  If your divx is The One, set it to THE_ONE.

11. Go back to DISC, and click CREATE DISC IMAGE.


Step 2:  Burn the image


NOTE: ItŐs a good idea to verify the disk image before burning it.  Simply mount the image, and open you DVD PLAYER app.  When thatŐs done, go to FILE and OPEN VIEDO_TS folder.  Choose the VIDEO_TS from within the mounted image and then press play.  It should play back just like the divx but now as a dvd.


1.     If you are satisfied with the way it looks, dust drag the image to toastŐs icon and it will launch automatically with the proper settings.

2.     Click burn and your done.



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