DVD to Divx


Applications Needed:

1.    Handbrake


This is the best app in the world for DVD to Divx on a mac.  It couldnŐt get any easier than this.  Literally, its as easy as insert DVD, open app, choose file size and click RIP.  But hereŐs a detailed how to.


Step 1: Open Handbrake



You can use the DVD itself as the source, as noted by (Ľ) DVD Drive.  Or you can use a VIDEO_TS folder, which you must then click BROWSE and locate the VIDEO_TS folder skip it, use DVD-RW and see if it works or not.  If the disk doesnŐt play you will then most likely have to do this step

Step 2: Choosing the Parameters

1. Click OPEN


2. Handbrake will change to this window and you can begin to see how easy this application is!

3. Under DVD Title you have the option to choose which potion of the DVDŐs titles you want to rip to divx.  The movie title is usually default.  Looking at the length [example 2 hours 34 min and 49 seconds for Gladdiator DVD] you should be able to determine if you have the right option selected.

4. CODEC.  Options are MPEG-4 [ffmpeg] or MPEG-4 [XviD].  I personally prefer ffmpeg but you can choose whichever.

5. CUSTOM BITRATE [kbps] use this if you want a particular bitrate for your divx.  You can use ffmpegxŐs bitrate calculator if you like

6. TARGET SIZE [MB] use this if you want a particular file size for your divx.  It will automatically set the bitrate to reflect your file size choice.  This is a wonderful option since you can choose 700 megŐs and have it fit nicely onto a single cd-r.

7. 2-PASS encoding.  Click if you want 2 pass encoding.  It will add processing time and quality to the movie.  With my Dual G4 1.25 it was 4 hours processing time with 2-Pass encoding.


Step 4. Crop and Scale

1. Click CROP



A window will appear with a scene from the movie.  You can easily toggle the top, bottom, left and right cropping to remove any excess borders.  This was the default image size for Gladiator.    This is a 16:9 ratio but you can see that there are still black bars visible.  These can easily be removed simply by toggling the UP ARROWS on the Top and bottom cropping fields.




2. Click CLOSE when finished and you will be returned to Handbrake.


Step 5. Audio

  1. LANGUAGE:  Choose the audio file you want by its language.
  2. SECONDARY LANGUAGE:  I donŐt use this, but I suppose you can add a 2nd audio track if you like
  3. CODEC is by default mp3
  4. BITRATE [kbps] is the bitrate for the audio file.  Choose what you want. 128 is default and is sufficient in my mind.


Step 6. Destination

  1. FILE FORMAT is by default .avi
  2. Click browse and choose your save location.
  3. Click RIP and off you go.



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