Low Pressure Stoves



My First Stoves

Cat food can on the left is an early stove, because the holes were made with a paper punch.

The base used for pre heating the stove is an end from a Sterno can. The fruit cup can was punched with a Whitney Punch.

The demise of many cans and cups have lead me to the present, with the best help of all, The Internet. What a great place to share ideas!

Two Way Stoves

I call them "TwoWay" stoves, because they can be used with a stand that holds the pot about 1" over the stove, or you can set the pot directly on
the stove and use it as a side burner.

The advantage of using a pot support is when you are trying to heat a small mug. The chimney type flame works well with smaller pots or mugs!

The Ultra Cat is just a Super Cat [Jim Woods] with only one row of lower holes.

Use a pc. of flashing or 5/16" off the bottom of another can with a 1 14" hole in the center, for the top.

Same kind of can for the top, just adds a 1 1/4" hole, turn it over and push it in.

I made mine 5/16s long and just pushed it in, might need some JB at a later time.

 TIP! You need to roll the inner lip upward. I use a small round pc of metal pipe and pull and roll.

You need to get the lip out of the way, so that you can insert the top. Holes are 11/16s from the bottom.

Just use 20 holes instead of the standard 10, and I like 7/32 dia.

Ultra Cat in Action

Top: in Chimney Mode with a pot support, Bottom: in Side burner mode.

Also look at my Cat2 pressurized stove.

 Pressurizes Stoves

Ultra Cat and Super Cat hole templates

Zen Seeker's Templates


Super Cat

Made with punched holes from a Whitney Punch.


With Wide Base for extra stability

Left base is made out of .012 aluminum flashing. Start with 5” triangle and bend the sides down.

Tapered from 1/16 to about 5/16s, this will make quite a sturdy base. I connected the top to the base with wire.

Right side is just an end with four 3/32 punched holes. Short pieces of coat hanger are used for supports.

They can either be crossed or toe nailed down. One end can easily be pushed into another, if they loosen up, just sand paper and JB Weld.

[Whitney Punch] or an awl will punch the 3/32 holes.


Cat Stove

With screen and retaining ring to hold Perlite.


Wood Stoves

Kelly Kettle

The small Kettle with a 3” long piece of 1.5”dia. drain tube from a sink.

This lets you boil more water and prevents the boil-over from running down the side into the fire pot.

The over flow tube stores in the stove.


Homemade Wood Burner

I used perforated sheet steel 6” tall x 3.1/2” wide. It folds like my windscreens and Sterno Stove.

Link to Accessories Page Small lock washers are used for the hinges.

If you look close, you can see the stove bottom insert, banded to the folded stove.

It fits in side, three holes up from the bottom, used for air flow and locks the stove square.

Wood is loaded thru the Vs cut in the top.