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Stove Accessories

Gas Stoves

Winter use:         

My Seva 123 stores inside a heavy measuring cup, lid is off an old coffee pot.

Summer use:      

Camping GAZ Micro with the pot supports shortened and bent to fit into the Open Country Pot, with a 220 gram canister.

TIP, you can buy the 220-gram canister at the Coleman Outlet Stores for $2.49


Cat 2

Use two small cat food cans, 3 oz.

Roll inner lip down with a crank style can opener, spoon, or a round object.

Trim the tab as shown, so that the upper end will be able to be pressed in.

 Zen Seeker's Hole Templates

Use Zen Seeker’s template and drill 22 holes 11/16” from the bottom, using a # 55- #57 drill or a pushpin.

˝” lines scribed on the Upper and Base.

I used a small pair of Fly Tying scissors to rough cut the center.

Straight cut, then make a V, for clearance for the scissors to make the next cut.

Cut ˝” off the bottom of another can, drill 4 – #55-#57 weep holes, 2 in the outer ring, 2 in the inner, opposite of each other.

Before inserting the upper, use a round pipe and flatten the ridge left from the lid removal, outward.

Then sand off the coating and push flush.

Trimmed to length.

The Upper with two holes in the center ring and two more holes drilled in the outer to let the fuel drain thru.

A very similar Pop Can design, and the Cat2 with out the wide base.

The Cat2 in action, setting on primer pan made out of a bottom of a 5oz. cat food can.

You do need to pre heat this stove, after filling, tip and pour some alcohol onto a 5oz. lid and light.

Not including pre heat time, this stove will heat 20 ounces of H2O in less than 4 min.

Also check out my low pressure, Ultra Cat stove, it is made very similar.

Low Pressure Stove page


Wide Side Technology


If you are using a Pepsi type side burner, by adding these Wide Side tops and bottoms, you can increase your POT support area by 40%.

A Pepsi can have less than 3 cubic inches of surface area; these wide adaptors have 5 cubic inches.

These ends also strengthen and help protect the stove from dents. You can epoxy them on with JB Weld or just push them over the ends.

The Pre Heat Ring [Wide Primer] will let you "jump start" the stove while adding stability. The "Ring" will also work on the Photon type stoves.

Made from a Coke can, they slip nicely over a Pepsi can end.

How To Make Wide Sides

I made these using a piece of 2 5/8s outside diameter tail pipe tubing 2"slong, file the inside and outside edges round, on one end.

Cut [split] the side with a hacksaw, file or grind, till the tube slide into the Pepsi can end. About 2  9/16 s diameter.

Use a cable tie to hold the pipe together. Make it a nice slip fit!  “TIP” This piece can also be used as a can expander.

Slide it into an end, insert a straight screwdriver in the slot and twist, this will expand the pipe. Over do it and the can will crack!

I use a short piece, about an inch long of 2 3/16s tube with one end filed round, small radius on the out side, with more taper on the inside.

After you do a couple of these, you will learn how hard to hit the top tube. Be careful not to get the center lower than the outside.

Keep the center square with the outside.

Wide Side Burner

In Action

This has a double outer wall from top to bottom.

A Guinness can, will slide in a pop can, so I JB Welded one in, and slid the bottom over it also.

The inner is made out of the heavier Guinness can and JB welded at the top.


Henderson Side Burner Adaptor

Turn your Henderson stove into a side burner, and set your cup or stove directly on top. No need for an extra pot support.

Using a Wide Side Top, cut slits down the side and fold 180 degrees. Slide another top over it.

 I took an existing stove and added new burner holes to the top, even with the existing holes showing, the stove seems to work good.

Henderson Stove


Photon Stove with Wide Primer Ring

Primer Ring can be JB welded to bottom of stove.

 Photon Stove


Side Burner with a Skirt “SBS”

Shown with Wide Bottom Base added.

The side holes are 16mm from the top, and the skirt is 15mm. This causes the flame to be directed upward.

The inner wall is tapered form one solid piece; this is an improvement over the “Garlinton” model.

This stove works well with small diameter pots and cups. The wide base adds stability and protection.

The top can is a Coke and the bottom is Pepsi.

Garlington Stove

Also look at the Halcon stove for building instructions.

Halcon Stove


In Action


This is my template pattern for making the stove inner. I used a formula for the pattern from a friends Sheet Metal book.

It is called a Taper Joint, and if you are interested in a copy, send me an e-mail.