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The images on this page represent my caricature work done from live sittings as well as commissoned caricatures done from photos for gifts. If you are interested in seeing my portfolio if stars and celebraties....."CLICK ON THE STARS ICON ABOVE"....

I have been a professional caricature artist for the past 25 years with experience working at a number of amusement parks as well as corporate and private events. I own and operate the caricature and airbrush artist concessions at six Flags Great America in Gurnee Illinois where I find, train, and contract all of the other artists that work there as well. Many of the caricatures you see on this page where done at Six Flags .

Because of my affiliation with the many artists that I have worked with over the years as well as the NCN(The National Caricaturist Network), I am able to supply caricature artists of the highest standard from the Chicago Land area and beyond.
If you are looking for caricature artists of the highest standards of talent,experience, and professionalism to entertain guests at your next party/event or have any questions about my services and/or pricing, email or phone me at 815-678-0038.