Welcome To FCS

We specialize in the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of cable Ad Insertion systems. Our experience includes:  

SeaChange, n-Cube/C-COR, Texscan, Channelmatic, TVGuide

Plus many other headend and production systems. We provide complete headend rf, audio, video, and computer network wiring services as well as assembling fiber guide, fiber management racks, editing and encoding studios, cable tray and more.

Now in the Downloads Page, a program to set dipwitches on the 1620 Wegener Card

A simple executable for windows to show how to set the dip switches on the 1620 programmable demod card.  This card can be used as a replacement for many of the other cards used for cue tone reception.  Though few networks use analog subcarriers for cue tones anymore it is nice spare to have.

Now adding notes in the Tech info  Section.

Started a notepad file on some information on the Sea Change  IE600 input encoder.  Will add information to it as time permits.

Also starting a notepad file on random notes concerning  the spot system timing.

Starting table on quick notes for setting up Cue tones on various networks

FCS products available on our products page.

We have added to the Products page the (greenies) Phoenix connectors used in most of the SeaChange inserters for the audio, cue tone, and control . Extras are handy to prewire a site before moving an inserter to a new location.  Audio Bypass connectors are also available for various ad insertion gear.

To order phone (805) 541-2710 or FAX at (805) 541-5671 or Email jfoley@charter.net