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How to add Direct Callsign Lookups
to Your Web Page

QRZ welcomes all sites to link to our lookup database. The examples below show how you can add a direct callsign lookup feature to any web page.

Direct Link to Your Callsign

If you would like to place a direct link to your callsign on your home page, use this HTML code (using AA7BQ as an example):

Lookup Links

Here's an easy "Quick Lookup" search link, just like that found at the top of the QRZ home page:

    QRZ callsign lookup:  

And here's the HTML code that does it:

<FORM method="GET" action="">
<B>QRZ callsign lookup:
<INPUT type="text" name="callsign" size="8">
<INPUT type="submit" value="Search"></B></FORM>

Here's a deluxe version that looks great on any page. Use your browser's View->Page Source menu option to see the HTML coding that we used to create the colored box background effect.

    QRZ callsign lookup:  
    Callsign lookups provided by