Updates and news:

1/17/06: Yep another update. ^_^ I am getting closer to getting this site up on its feet. I am getting income tax soon so I will use some of that money to get this site a domain name aswell as a hosting firm. I will also be posting some media files then too. A few songs and possibly a couple amvs. I put up so much stuff only to take it down later. I guess I am beta testing? Who knows? Well yeah nothing new just wanted to let the world know that I am still alive and so is this site. ^_^

11/29/05: Wow this is the longest this site has been off of a seerver (or with out its own address) I am still working a few things. With me losing the temp job and my car dropping its tranny things have been a little chaotic. But no worries the improvements as well as me coming back to the wired are coming very soon. Maybe even sooner than that? But other than that no new updates, additions, or anything like that. I noticed that this site has a few dead links. I am working on getting these resovled. So thanks for those emails. Well I guess that is it for now. Laters. ^^

4/30/05: Well I added another affiliate. Welcome Angel World to the group! This list is steadily becoming bigger! w00t! Well I was offline for about 3 weeks. I again got behind in my cable bill. But there are reasons behind that. Well now I am back! Hopefuly this time for good! I am still working on getting a new hosting company. Also I have created a site for Luna: Click Me! I hope this looks good seeing as that I took forever to do it! Sorry Luna. >.< Well that is it for now. Bye!

4/13/05: Yep another update. I know these have been very far apart but, I have been a very busy man! I redid the entire site and I am pretty happy with this layout. I also have an affiliate! Let us all welcome Anime Artists Society to the club! As for this site there may be a few dead links till I move to a new hosting company. So be on the look out!

11/15/04: Another update. I know that these updates are far and few between but, these updates have taken a while to do. ^^ Well I finished updating the Cowboy Bebop fansite. It now looks cool and I have rearranged things so they are better to access. I hope you like! Project Nine/11 has hit a bump. I have had little to no time to work on the video due to moving, work, and an increased school work load (I am taking my senior classes I am less than a year away from getting my associates!).

8/26/04: Oh well I guess partnerships come and go just like the wind. But I do have more good news than bad. I have just put up a cool forum (Uberbaka 2.0). Won't you please join? I am still linking to the forum so don't worry. As for the progress of the rest of the stuff. Seeing as that school has just started I will be a little behind on the updates. But I am finishing up the Cowboy Bebop site, Project Nine/11 is still underway, and still little odds and ends to finish up. Laterz!

8/2/04: Another small update. I am still in the process of updating the Cowboy Bebop website that should be done within the next few days. I am also adding a layout chooser. I will experiment with this a bit and see if it is worth keeping. *post comments about it on the forum* I also added a list of my sister sites. A few are just placeholders for a few weeks till I am finished geting things straightend out. Also if the site is down for a few days it is because I was late paying the hosting bill ^^;. But no worries it is already taken care of. Well till next time!

7/21/04: A very big update! I have added music videos to the Multimedia section. I am also hosting three sites for my friends: Giddings, Pinkfuzz, and Justdagayman. Please visit my friends sites and let them know what you think of them! I also plan on redoing my Cowboy Bebop site. That is the only site that hasn't undergone a revamp. And I will add updates to it as well. I have also updated the project status page.

7/4/04: Happy fourth of July!!!! The site is flowing smoothly now now errors and no complaints about anything! Thank you all for helping me decide on styles and helping me in everything!!!!!

5/15/04: First things first if you are reading this then cool. I am hosting this at my apartment. Second My friend is starting a solo career called, Giddings Love For Who. If you want to read about it go here: Giddings.

4/11/04: Wow. It has been along time since my last update. That is what happens when you go to college. As you can see I have had to move to Geocities for the time being. I lost my domain and web host and have had a hard time finding a host. I hopefully have a new host and domain name within the next few months. So please stay tuned for further updates.

1/03/04: Happy New Year!

11/13/03: I know it has been awhile since I have updated my site. I had to remove some dead links. I plan on replacing them with new ones. Within the next few months I plan on putting up some AMVs. I will also put up some of my songs. I will start also putting up wallpapers, so if any one would like to submit any please due so. I will add a link where you can send me your wallpapers

10/31/03: Due to my sites small space I have been unable to upload my (or anybody else's) videos. Sorry for the misleading update.

3/23/03: Added some links to the link pages. Added a couple of AMVs to the AMV page. Also added a link to my Cowboy Bebop

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