Due to the underwhelming demand to continue the tradition,
We proudly announce
M.I.S.F.I.T. #14
Meet In the South For an Incredible Time
Damn, this is getting to be an old bunch!!!

On the weekend of July 25-28, 2012 a horde of grungy biker types will descend
upon a small town somewhere in the South

We will party, ride, swap lies and
come this close > < to having a good time.

Containers of ho-made likker are really welcome, my room is open for storage!!!!

NetScum on every brand of bike (or cage) are welcome
Running bikes transported on trailers will get you laughed at
Unruly children (of any age) will be cooked over an open fire


Weíre returning to the same place everyone liked in 2010 and 2012

Lodging Info
A Holiday Motel‎

3289 Soco Road

Maggie Valley, NC‎

(828) 926-1186‎


They have a pool, great restaurant next door, and a flat parking lot so itís easier to pick up a dropped bike.

The staff is pretty awesome too and some of the rooms have been recently renovated.



If you were there in the past Gabi should have your info on file for a quick reservation.

If youíre even thinking about coming just give her a call and get signed up

before some other riff-raff books a room and ruins the whole weekend for all of us.

She said they would take cancellations up to 14 days before the meet so book it and donít worry about changes to your schedule.


e-mail me