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Family History

Below you will find some of our Family History on both my Mothers and Fathers sides of the Family. I have some very good Links for helping do research on the net for genealogy resources. Among the current items that I am interested in see below for the Bulletinon Family Links needed. If you have any information which could help me finish our Family genealogy, please contact me at fredabab@charter.net  Thank you for visiting my Family History page, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Important Notice To All Who Visit Here:

I am currently looking for information regarding Enoch Conger and Pamelia Hall Conger relatives: there is another Son of this family, The name of Charles Washington Conger and the Wife's name of Samantha Scroggins- I am currently looking for any family in the Long Creek Oregon Area, but may have moved. I would like to plan in a reunion in the future, so please any other relatives help join the search.

I would Also Like an Update on Bradfords of Prarie City, Oregon- My Grandparents were George and Rachel Bradford from Prarie City.

And the last Item I am also searching for Dr. Edmond Green Browningand Family.

Please contact me if you have any information at fredabab@charter.net if you have any information. Also you may contact me by regular postal mail at:

Freda Babcock
P.O. Box 1184
Rogue River, Ore 97537

Resources for our Family

Here is a portion of our geneology charts for your viewing. There are several good books I would like to mention here that can be purchased that have our family in them.
The first is "And First There was Twogood" by Larry McLane. This book has over 2800 pioneer names and 750 pictures with Jackson, Josephine and Douglas County Histories. You may get a copy of the book by sending e-mail to darielmc2@msn.com or phone: (541) 479-2069 or use regular postal mail to the following address:

Dariel and Larry McLane
P.O. Box 425
Wolf Creek, Oregon 97497

Another good book by Edna Hill called "Josephine County Historical Highlights #2" is about Henry Conger my great Uncle.

And two other books: one titled "In the Land of Bunch Grass, Gold and Trees" by Reiba Carter Smith, the other titled "The Malheur Nation Forest" by Jerry L. Mosgrove USDA Forest Service 1980. Both books have family pictures and stories.

The following history has been gathered from these books and other places in hopes to preserve our family tree for future generations, especially those who will find us hopefully here.

    Fathers Genealogy

    The Bradford History is long but will try to give a brief over view dating back in history to 1772. Bradford is my father's birth name.

  • Reverend Richard Bradford: Born in England , came to America in 1789. He had a Son George from the line of my father. Richards daughter Harriet, married Reverend Joseph Abbot, they had a son Sir John Abbott who became the first Canadian born Premier of Canada.
  • George Bradford: Married Irene Timlick of Ontario Canada. They had two sons while living in Quebec Canada, Richard and Charles, the latter also being of my fathers line, would be my great great grandfather
  • Charles Bradford: Had 7 children, One of which was George Bradford named for his father, of which is my grandfather on my fathers side.
  • George Bradford: Born in 1845, died in 1921. Married Rachel Armstrong, and resided in Lachute Ontario, and later homesteaded in Prarie City, Oregon. They had 11 children one of which was my father Frederick Valentine Bradford.
  • Frederick Valentine Bradford: Born in 1888, Died 1954. Married Blanche Was the father of two daughters and a son. Me Freda, my sister Elsie and a brother Fred Owen.
  • Freda Bradford, Reiswig, Smith, Babcock: Born 1921, and Married Herbert Reiswig 1941 and is the mother of 3 Sons and one Daughter.
    1. Herbert Gerald Reiswig: Born 1942, and has two daughters and one son.
    2. Gordon Reiswig: has one Son
    3. Stephanie Smith: Serano; had 1 boy 2 girls; Stephanie Weitlauf: has 1 girl.
    4. Larry Babcock: Has 4 children, 3 girls and one boy.

    Mothers Genealogy

  • Zacharaih Conger: No information but that his mothers Maiden name was Tracy Barr. And that Their son was Enoch Conger.
  • Enoch Conger: Born 1819, in Indiana, Died 1894. Married Pamelia Hall of Bedford Indiana. They resided in Long Creek Oregon. They had 12 Children one of which was my great grandmother Martha Elizabeth.
  • Martha Elizabeth: born 1854, in Long Creek Oregon. Married David Gilmore Browning. She died in 1914. Two of the Conger Girls Married Browning men so there are double cousins in the family. Martha and David Browning had a daughter Carrie P Browning.
  • Carrie P Browning: Born 1882, married Miles Bascom Harper in 1867. She died in 1976. They had 10 children and the oldest being Blanche P. Harper, my mother.
  • Blanche P. Harper Bradford: Born 1900, Died 1994. Married Fredrick Valentine Bradford in 1917. Frederick was Born 1888, Died 1954. They had Three Children. Fred Owen Bradford, Freda Lorene Bradford, Elsie Bradford. My mother remarried to Dr.John Harryman, who died in 1981.
    1. Owen Bradford: Born 1919, died 1994, Married Bonnie Lyon. Had 4 children 3 sons and 1 daughter.
    2. Elsie Bradford: Born 1922, Married Ernie Reiswig. Had 3 children , all daughters
    3. Freda Lorene Bradford (Reiswig, Smith, Babcock): See Under Father's genealogy. Both sisters married Reiswig Men.

Freda's Notes about Family

On my Grandmother Carrie's side of the family the Enoch and Pamelia Conger children of which there were 12.  I have been in touch with 6 of the great grandchildren. Below are the children listed in order of birth of Enoch and Pamelia Conger, with updates on family location, births and marriage.
  1. Mary Elmira Conger(Crowley): Her great granddaughters live in Portland Oregon. Edra Duvall and Fern Edwards. I Have met Fern and correspond with Edra.
  2. Jesse Martin: Died at Child birth.
  3. Nancy Chiaretta Conger (Browning): Her great grandsons are Merv Hutchinson of Nyssa, Oregon, and Jim Huchinson of Eastern Oregon. Her Great Granddaughter is Delta Chamberlain of Terrebone, Oregon.
  4. Charles Washington Conger: Married Samantha Scroggins in 1876. Looking for their relatives still. Had 6 children, 5 by Samantha Scroggins and one by Alice Barr, Charles died in 1923.
  5. Martha Elizabeth Conger (Browning): See our family history above, is Freda's Great Grandmother.
  6. Tracy Anzanette (Wallace): Her great granddaughter is Jean Allen, I just located her in Midpines California.
  7. John William Conger: Married Olive Baird in 1884, and he died in 1929. Unknown relatives?
  8. Salucia Caroline Conger(Kenney): Her great great grandson of John Day Oregon is Alan Hickerson. His mother Jeanette Hickerson died in 1993.
  9. James Alpheus Conger: Died 1933, was never married nor had any children.
  10. Henry Harris Conger: His two great granddaughters are near Portland Oregon. Katherine Lukens and Viola Emblem.
  11. Thomas Jefferson Conger: Married Grace Shidley in 1903, they had no children? Thomas died in 1941.
  12. Linneaus Browning Conger: Married G Scroggins Turner 1912. They had no children,. Unknown relatives?

Ok well I am done telling you about my family now and I want to go do something like answer my e-mail. Please contact me if you have any other information to add here.