Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence - It's a Crime

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McKean County Victim's Resource Center

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Office: 368-4235

Hotline: 368-6325


What is Domestic Violence?

Forms of Domestic Violence.

Does this occur in your home?

If your Abused.

Support Groups.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a pattern of physical, emotional or sexual abuse that takes place between people who share a home or relationship. Abuse can occur between spouses, partners, adults, and their dependant children, or the elderly and their adult care givers.

Domestic violence is a crime punishable by law.

Domestic violence is disruptive to the lives of adults and children regardless of race, socioeconomic or educational backgrounds.

Domestic violence is the abuser's fault; Not yours.

Domestic violence occurs when the abuser uses power to control other people.

Domestic violence is not caused by alcohol, drug, mental disability, or previous experience. Although, these issues usually have impact on relationships.

Domestic violence usually gets worse.

Domestic violence will probably not stop by its self.

No one has the right to abuse another person, Call for the help that is available.

Forms of Domestic Violence.

Physical Abuse: inflicting or attempting to inflict any physical pain or injury, including slapping, hitting, punching, stabbing, shooting, and withholding access to medication or medical care.

Emotional Abuse: constant criticism of person's ability and competency, name calling and other attempts to undermine someone's self image and sense of worth.

Psychological Abuse: controlling access to friends, family, school, or work; forced isolation; intimidation; threats; and blackmail.

Sexual Abuse: forcing sex, or forcing a person to engage in sexual acts they do not enjoy; treating a person in a sexually derogatory manner.

Economic Abuse: attempts to make a person completely dependant on the abuser for money, food, and shelter.

Does this occur in your home?

Hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, shoving, biting?

Behaving in an overprotective manner, displaying sudden outbursts of anger or rage; preventing you from going to school, work, or where you want?

Destroying your personal property?

Denying you access to family assets, controlling all finances?

Forcing you to have sex or engage in sexual acts you do not want?

Intimidating or manipulating to control you or the children?

Insulting you or calling you derogatory racial or sexual names?

Humiliating you in front of other, turning minor incidents into major arguments, abusing or threatening to harm pets or personal items?

If any of this is happening in your home, you are being abused!

If your Abused.

If your in a crises:

Assess your safety. If you are in danger, go to a safe place. If you have children, take them with you. Only tell those whom you trust where you are going.

Call the hotline number (814) 368-6325 or, if you are in immediate physical danger, call your local police. Ask for help.

Get medical care for you injuries as soon as possible.

Get a Protection from Abuse Order from the court which can order the abuser to stop abusing you, leave the home, stay away from you and your children, stay away from your work place or school, or pay for any legal or medical costs as a result of the violence.

If not in a crisis but realize you are being abused:

Call the hotline for information regarding your rights, services available, and for support while you make your own decisions about your family and your future.

Prepare for an exit from your home. Keep the following in a safe and convenient place; or with someone you can trust: money, birth certificates, social security cards, clothes, extra sets of car and house keys, public assistance identification cards, and children's medical/school records.

Attend support groups.

Support Groups

Group Philosophy: Each individual is entitled to a life free from violence and has the right to make informed decisions for herself and for her children. The groups focus on issues such as independent non-violent living, education, and self-esteem, and provide a strong support system.

Support groups are available for:

Battered and formerly battered woman.

Survivors of sexual assault and incest.

Child victims/witnesses of abuse.

For information regarding the Support Groups call any of the numbers listed below.

Hotline - 368-6325

Office - 368-4235

This Page is under construction.

However if you are a victim of Domestic Violence Please Call:

McKean County Victim's Resource Center

24 West Corydon Street

Bradford, Pa 16701

Office: 368-4235

Hotline: 368-6325

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