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This survey has been designed to assist the Foster Township Police Department in determining the needs of the community. Information obtained through the use of this survey will remain anonymous and confidential unless other wise indicated.




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What you think of us?

4. How did you find the Foster Township Web Page?


5. Comments on the Foster Township Web Page.


6. Yes No; Have you had any contact Foster Township Police Department?

If so, what type of contact?


How was the experience?


Suggestions on how the Foster Township Police Department could better serve the Residents of Foster Township and the Community in general:


How would you rate the Foster Township Police Department?




7. Yes No Have you or any immediate family member been a victim of domestic violence?

8. Yes No Are you aware that Domestic Violence is a crime in Pennsylvania?

9. Yes No Are you aware that a victim of domestic violence can obtain a court order (a Protection From Abuse Order) having the abuser refrain from further violence against the victim or minor children?


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