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    GIS, Geographic Information Systems, represents an exciting new development that can aid business and government in presenting information with location components. It represents a means to convey some complicated information in an easier to understand graphical format and offers persons responsible for presenting information to decision makers a new tool to convey complicated data and analysis. The links below should provide a good start in finding out what GIS is and what it can do for you.
Map Links
Map Quest Interactive Street Atlas (USA) and Trip Planner 
Terra Server  Microsoft's 
    map and areial photograph server
ArchNet: Map Libraries, GIS, and Mapping Software 
Pennsylvania County Profiles
US Census Bureau Tiger Map Server
(download Tiger file maps in gif format) 
World Maps from MSN

     Rare Map Collection at the  Hargrett Library

18th Century USA Maps Library of Congress

John R. Borchert Map Library (with list of digital map repositories) 
CIA World Fact Book Country maps and facts

Free Data Sets (PA & USA) Mapping Software (real freeware)
Pennsylvania DCNR Rails to Trails ROW Data ArcInfo export files 


USGS ftp site with maps. software and "Open File Reports" 

The USGS FTP Map Collection

Penn State PASDA  data download

Download ArcExplorer   Free program for viewing, analysing and printing arcinfo data 
3dem50Updated! 3d DEM Viewer and Renderer for Windows 95
This program converts DEM files and renders 3d views of selected terrain. The rendererings are spectacular! 
ESRI (ARCVIEW PEOPLE) Free Data Sets and Software
Microdem, Great DEM Manipulator and Viewer.  The Microdem Program is freeware available to manipulate and analyse 3 dimension data contained in DEM files.  Updated Ver 10.36 Other interesting geology and mapping programs are on the Dr. Peter Guth Home Page
USGS DLG to DXF Converter, and more
USGS Arview  extnsions (warp, grids, clipping) 
 Internet Map Server Software (freeware)

My Internet Maps (Java 1.1 Compliant -Jshape)

GIS, Geographic Information Systems Links

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