Pennsylvania Law for Governmental
Water & Sewer Providers
(non PUC regulated)

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Table of Contents

Municipal Authorities Act
    Law 53 P.S. 301 et seq.

Termination of Authorities
    Law 53 P.S. 321
    Discussion & Cases

Reasonableness of Rates
    Law 53 P.S. 306 B (h)
    Discussion & Cases

Tap in fees
    Law 53 P.S. 306 B (t)
    Discussion & Cases

Other Generally Applicable Laws

    Eminent Domain Code

    Ethics Act
        Pennsylvania Ethics Law Section 1 Purpose
         Pennsylvania Ethics Law Section 2 Definitions
         Pennsylvania Ethics Law Section 3 ProhibitionsConduct prohibited to Government Officials

    Local Public Agency - Conduct of Hearings by Local Government

    Municipal Torts Claim Act  -Limitation on Lawsuits against Local Government
    Recreation Use of Land & Water Act
        Discussion & Cases

    Refunds of Monies paid to government
        Law - Refunds of Taxes and Fees
        Law - Refunds of Assessments

    Right to Know Law - Inspection of Public Records

    Sunshine Law

Special General Sewer & Water Issues

    Termination of Water Service for Unpaid bills
        Unpaid sewer bills
            Law 53 PS 2261 et seq
            Discussion & Cases
        unpaid water bills
            Law, 53 PS 306 B (h)

    Water Allocation Permits & Water Rights
        Surface waters
        Ground Water

    NPDES (pollution discharge) Permits
        For Water Treatment Plants
        For Sewage Plants
        For sewer overflows
        For combined sewer systems
        For site storm water runoff


Quality / Safety of Water Issues

     Safe Drinking Water Requirements

    Gall , Miller vs. Mckeesport

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