Project Stealth

99 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3400 V-6

-New 05 3400 with 300 miles on it Now at 7k
-TCE 65mm throttle body
-Ported upper intake and Opened it up to 65mm for the TCE T- body
-Ported MAF
-180 T-stat
-MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Wires
-Adjustable Fuel Press Reg

-Castrol 0w30 German Castrol with an Mobil 1 filter
-1/2 TCE Phenolic Spacers

-Custom ground camshaft 1357 grind Specs for Cam

-Comp Cams 26986 Valve Springs and Valve Locks and Retainers

-36lb Series III GTP Injectors
-Ported Lower Intake
-Shaved and ported upper

New ValveTrain Parts

10166352-- New thicker older design timing chain

10166350-- New Camshaft Sprocket to go with new chain

104074400 -- New Crankshaft sprocket to go with new chain

10166353 - New Damper to go with chain


Planned Spring 08 Mods

-Corvette Calipers
-F-Body caliper brackets
-Impala rotors with F-body brale pads
-Buff and Polish Entire Car
-Painted Grand Prix 16x8 Crosslace wheels
-Relocate Fuel tank to trunk Using a 05 GTO fuel tank which i have
-Wall off behind back seat with Diamond Plate
-Relocate muffler to where fuel tank sits now
-Side exit before the axle exhaust using a flowmaster 80

Decision to Be Made

Use the 3100 Upper Plenum Ported to 65mm and gasket matched of course

Or Shave the letters off and Paint it Black