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     Liliane and Harry on the Wagner Festival Opera House balcony where trumpeters announce each act

Harry and Liliane McLaughlin
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For intriguing insights into the lives of the Victorians and Edwardians, open our family photo album by clicking the notice below. The album includes an account of the wartime adventures of one of the first Red Cross nurses, Harry's great-aunt Louisa.

Visit the rest of our website by clicking the links listed below. See the hidden drawers of a beautiful secretaire we have donated to the Los Angeles art museum. And discover McLaughlin family secrets revealed in our annotated family tree.  It traces two lines of descent from England's King Edward I all the way down to cousin Guy Ritchie and his wife Madonna. The file requires Adobe Reader: to download the latest version free, click

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If, like the White Queen, you can believe six impossible things before breakfast, examine our singular descent from Adam, according to ancient Irish documents. To see Liliane's genealogy and family emblem click the Drögemüller Family Tree.

We first met in Tahiti. After being together for all of two weeks we decided to get married. Having indulged our hobby of adventure travel for a quarter of a century, we are now continuing our honeymoon at home.

Last year we spent a week at Costa Mesa to attend Wagner's Ring presented by the Russian Kirov company. On the red carpet going to the reception at the just-opened Segerstrom Concert Hall we stopped to pose with members of the opera company.

Our trips to more than 100 countries included African safaris, walking tours in Japan, Himalayan treks, and Antarctic cruising.  Harry also traveled through the Congo and off-road across the Sahara during a year-long trip round the world.

Here we are with our friend Tenzing Norgay, the Sherpa conqueror of Mount Everest, and his wife Daku, in 1983 at their home in Darjeeling, India.  She guided us on a trek through Sikkim and Bhutan while Tenzing led another group — all of whom became sick except for one lady who drank only beer.  But we stayed fit because Daku saw to it that every drop of water was boiled, even though it takes forever at 15,000 feet.

Liliane was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer in 1987 years ago. She was given a dose of radiation equivalent to that received by people within one mile of an atom bomb explosion. It saved her life but its delayed effects necessitated the removal of her small intestine 17 years later. Liliane now has to be fed intravenously 12 hours a day from a bag like the one in this picture, which was taken on Christmas Eve 2005 when Liliane was in hospital recovering from a near-fatal infection. She is with nine-year-old Nathan Estipona who came to her bedside to repeat the program of carols which he had just sung solo at a nearby Seventh Day Adventist church.

The previous year Liliane was congratulated by Ted Kennedy Jr., a 30-year cancer survivor, during a reception for cancer survivors at Glendale Adventist Medical Center where she used to help cancer victims.  Certified in Radiation Therapy, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiography, Liliane was a Chief Technologist, the inaugural Manager of the hospital's Cancer Center, and the Radiation Safety Officer.  President Clinton wrote to her: "I am delighted to commend you for 40 years of dedicated service..."

We are passionate readers. Liliane plays classical piano music and enjoys cooking, especially Belgian cuisine, biography, tapestry and illuminated manuscriptsare among her interests; Harry's include art history, philosophy, science, and neuropsychology. If you have similar enthusiasms please e-mail Harry or Liliane.

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