why katahdins

Katahdin Sheep work very well in a variety of production situations as a low-maintenance, easy care sheep. Katahdin hair sheep provide a practical option to producers interested in raising a meat animal, with great lamb vigor, mothering ability and do not want to shear. The Katahdin lamb meat is very mild compared to the traditional taste of the wooled sheep breeds. 

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breeding philosophy

We have chosen the Katahdin breeds of sheep because they breed naturally, raise their own young and can survive and thrive on a pasture based system and are more parasite resistant than a lot of other breeds. Our sheep spend 90 to 100% of their life on pasture with appropriate shelters for weather protection. They do get a little feed. Makes it much easier when we need to gather them.

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 why use nsip

By using breeding stock with genetic predictability, flocks have a foundation of genetic information upon which to build a superior and more consistent product. This  is achievable through NSIP’s Estimated Breeding Values. EBVs are science-based, industry-tested measurements of heritable traits that can be tracked and measured, including birth weight, weaning weight, and parasite resistance.

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This is SMK 13, our current sire and a couple of last years lambs.

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South Central Katachdin Hair Sheep Assocation