Nutritional Info

Katahdin meat is a nutritious food choice that is mild-flavoured, may be eaten hot or cold and requires no special preparation.A 100 gram serving of Katahdin whole leg and the approximate recommended daily intake from Health Canada for a healthy adult weighing 70 kg (154 lbs) and consuming 2000 calories daily. They make the best tasting meat from simple grass, and they are pros at keeping it nice and trimmed.

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 Grassfed Lamb

Step 1 – Let your lamb eat your grass, all day, every day.
Step 2 – Provide water and a mineral licking block.
Step 3 – That’s it.
Sheep were designed to enjoy pasture (not grain). We seed our pasture regularly to provide a rich mixture of different types of grasses that provide for the nutritional needs of our flock.

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