Chapter 27.
Westfall Ancestry of the Jansen Daughters

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Our New Netherlands Immigrant Ancestors

by Virginia Carpenter Jansen, March 2002, Hist 314 WSU/TC

The Dutch had a monopoly on the Baltic sea trade from Russia and with the
old Hanseatic league seaports. In 1596 the first Dutch ship had rounded Africa
to the Moluccas in the East Indies, and the Dutch East India Company in 
Amsterdam got a monopoly on the spice trade. A Dutch West India Company
was also formed for trade to America. One Dutch trading center was Manhattan
Island(New Amsterdam), bought from the Indians by Peter Minuit for $600 in 
trade goods in 1624.

Our New Netherlands immigrants that came to America were from Belgium, Germany 
and Norway as well as from Holland and other Dutch provinces. Most went to the
booming city of Amsterdam to find work or to escape religious persecution. 
They lived there less than a generation before they moved again to the New 
World during the period 1632 to 1665.

Their children learned Dutch, but they were usually at a disadvantage
in moving up the economic pyramid. For example, after the Dutch tulip bubble 
burst in 1637 they were eager to go wherever new opportunities
presented themselves.  The biggest losers were the newcomers and the chronic 
poor who had tried to get rich quick. Speculation in rare varietal tulip bulbs
imported from Turkey had driven the price up so fast that houses and businesses
were mortgaged to the hilt. Even the tavern servants invested their life savings
in bulbs. When the craze stopped abruptly and paralyzed commerce temporarily, 
many were starving and only when they tried to eat them in desperation did 
they find the bulbs were poisonous.

The Barent Jacobsen KOOL Family

Our first immigrant was Barent Jacobsen KOOL(COLE). His father Jacob Arentsen
KOOL was a sailor on the Amsterdam to Rotterdam ferry. His mother was Aeltje
Dircks from Vollenhoven in Overijssel province. They married in 1596 at
Amsterdam and settled there. Barent was born the 5th child in the family 
on 18May1610. Barent KOOL became a sailor and probably first arrived in America
in 1632 on the troopship Soutberg. At age 23 in 1633 he was one
of the signers of a treaty with the Sickename Indians that established a Dutch
fort at the mouth of the Connecticut River. By 1635 Barent had returned 
to Amsterdam.

In 1638 Barent returned to New Amsterdam on the ship Den Dolphyn with his 18 year
old wife Marretje Leenderts DE GRAEUW. With them came the family of her father
Leendert Arentsen DE GRAEUW, probably a refugee from Flanders living at Aalsmeer
south of Amsterdam, and mother Madeleine(Leuntje) Alberts LEYDECKER, possibly a 
refugee from Picardy FRANCE living at Amstelveen, a suburb of Amsterdam. 
Marretje's two younger sisters and two younger brothers also came along with
them to New Amsterdam. Ryck LEYDECKER of Hackensack, New Jersey, may have
been a cousin of Marretje.

Barent Jacobsen Kool and Marritje had 9 children baptized at New Amsterdam.
Its population was about 400 when he arrived there, shrank to half in 1643
at the height of the Indian wars, and rebounded to 1000 by 1656. Barent was
captain of the ship Amsterdam from 1638 to 1645, mostly sailing along the 
Hudson River to Fort Orange(Albany NY). He died about 1671, 5 years after 
the English renamed the city New York, surviving his wife Marritje Leenderts,
who died about 1668.

Jacob Barentsen KOOL, the eldest son of Barent Jacobsen Kool and Marritje,
was born in 1638 on the trip to America or shortly after their arrival at
New Amsterdam. He went to Esopus(Kingston) NY on the west bank of the Hudson
River about 1659 where he married Marritje SIJMONS, six years older than he. 
She was the younger sister of Jannetje SIJMONS, wife of the "beer baron" Evert
PELS, a Kingston brewer who grew rich transporting beer along the Hudson to 
New York City. 

Our ancestor Marritje SIJMONS was born 1Oct1632 at Amsterdam, Holland, 
the daughter of Sijmon FLORISZEN, a boxmaker from De Bol, Holland,
and Claertje ARENTS of Amsterdam. Marritje had been released in 1659 from
bondage by Evert PELS' attorney at the Dutch port of New Amstel, which had
replaced New Sweden at the mouth of the Delaware River. Evidently Marritje
had been transported along with settlers from Holland and had been bonded 
to pay for her passage.

Jacob Kool and Marritje Sijmons had 8 children, 5 at Kingston and 3 
at New York City. He was a farmer at Kingston but was appointed
an excise officer at New Amsterdam. In 1665 when the English took over
he returned to Kingston and died there after 1701. 

My ancestor, their 5th child Marretje Kool, was born at Kingston in 1666 
and married there in 1683 to Johannes Juriaensen WESTFALL. Many of their 
descendants migrated to the South Branch of the Potomac River in 
West Virginia in the 1740s.
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The Hans Jansen VAN NOSTRAND Family

Our ancestor Hans JANSEN and his brother Jacob Jansen VAN NORDSTRANDT came
to New Amsterdam about 1638, starting from a sand spit called Noordstrandt 
near Husum on the west coast of Holstein now in Germany. The brother Jacob 
Jansen who died in 1686 at Albany, New York had a son Jan Jacobs who lived
in Niskayuna NY, dying about 1703 leaving a son Willem Oostrander who 
lived at Albany. Hans Jansen farmed on Long Island at Amersfoort(now 
called Flatlands) east of Brooklyn.

Hans Jansen van Nordstrand married first Reymerig, probably at Husum, 
Germany, and secondly Jannetje daughter of Gerrit Van Leeuwen. From the 
first marriage he had Jan, Sijmon and our ancestor Marritje Hansen. From
the second marriage to Jannetje at New Utrecht on Long Island he had 7
children. Some became Van Nostrands in New York and others became Hansens
in Delaware.

Our ancestor Maritje Hansen was bound out to a tavernkeeper and married
Juriaen Westfall at Kingston NY about 1650. They had six children: Rymerick,
Johannes(our ancestor), Nicholas, Abel, Simon and Elsje Westfall, all born
at Kingston NY before Juriaen Westfall died there about 1667. After Juriaen's
death, Marritje remarried to Jacob Jansen van Stoutenburg from Amersfoort,
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The Juriaen WESTFALL Family

The origin of our ancestor Juriaen van Westfalen van Luyderdorpst is a 
major mystery. He arrived in New Amsterdam aboard the ship den Houttuyn 
in 1642 being sent over by Van Rensselaer. Most researchers think 
Juriaen was a 15 year old orphan from Westphalia, Germany, living at 
Leiderdorp near Leiden, Holland when he came over. We think he was 21 
years old and was Juergen Westphal bpt 12Mar1621 at Stettin, Pomerania
(now in Poland), the son of Joachim Westphal and Elizabeth Utecht from
Poelitz near Stettin. Juriaen was probably brought from Stettin to Amsterdam
as an apprentice to Evert Pels (the beer baron of the Hudson). Evert Pels 
was born in 1616, the son of Ewert Pels, a brewery servant at Stettin, 
Germany. Evert Evertsen Pels married at Amsterdam in 1641 to Jannetje Sijmons
and came over in 1642 on the same ship as Juriaen Westfall. Jannetje 
Sijmons was a sister of Maritje Sijmons who married Barent Jacobsen Kool.

Of Juriaen and Maritje's six children, Rymerick Westfall born 1651 
at Kingston married Anthony Quick and died in 1698 in Orange County NY. 
Niclaas Westfall married Maria Montagne and Sara Van Aken and died 
at Kingston NY about 1659. Abel Westfall died unmarried about 1689. 
Simon WESTFALL bpt 30Sep1663 KingstonNY married Pieternella Quackenbush 
in 1692 and died in DutchessCo NY. Elsje Westfall born 1666 died before

Johannes Westfall our ancestor, son of Jurian Westfall and Maritje Hansen
was born about 1661, married Maritje KOOL daughter of Jacob Barentsen KOOL,
moved to Minisink NY about 1698, and died at Port Jervis NY. Johannes
Westfall's twelve children were Juriaen(George) b 1684, married Christina
Kuykendaal and Marytjen Cuddeback and died at Sandystone New Jersey;
Maretje who married Cornelius Kuykendaal, Rebecca who married duke
Manuel Gonsalus, Jannetje who married Matheus Kuykendaal, Sara who married
Jacob Kuykendaal, Jacob Westfall who married Margaret De Duytscher, our
ancestor Abel Westfall born 9Feb1696 who married Antje Bogaert and 
died in 1755/9 at Augusta County VA, Nicholas Westfall b 1698
who married Bresje Middaugh, Claertje b 1700 who married Zalomen Freer,
Reymerich b 1703, Lena b 1705, and Rachel b 1709 who married Johannes 

Abel WESTFALL, son of  Johannes Westfall and Marritje Symons, witnessed the
baptism of Cornelis DE VOOR at Machackemeck NY 1740 and administered the 
estate of Jacob BOGARD in 1746 in AugustaCo VA. George Washington surveyed 
his 400 acres at Lot 8 on 6Oct1748 for the manor of Lord Fairfax. He died 
intestate 1755/9 on the South Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac, 
HampshireCo VA. He married 25Feb1717 at Kingston NY Annetje(Antje) BOGAERT 
born 9May1697 Kingston NY daughter of Cornelis BOGAERT and Evatje HORNBECK. 
She died after 1740 either in Minisink NJ or on the South Branch of the 
Potomac, AugustaCo VA 

Of their eight children, Sara Westfall born 1719 at Machakemeck(Deer Park) NY
married Cornelis Cool, son of Johannes Cool and Neeltje Roosa; Cornelis 
Westfall born 1721 married his first cousin Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob 
Westfall and Margriet De Duytscher; Johannes accompanied his father to VA
and married Sara Vernoy, the widow of Jonathan Hornbeck; Lea(Laya) Westfall
born 1726 witnessed a receipt in the estate settlement of John Bogard on 
20Oct1746 in AugustaCo VA; our ancestor Annetje(Hannah) Westfall born 
2Feb1729 Kingston NY married George Osborne son of Jeremiah Osborne from
Morris County NJ who was on Lot 18 on the South Fork of South Branch of the
Potomac in 1748; and Elisabeth born 1733, Catherina born 1736 and Lydia
Westfall born 1739 at Minisink NY have not been found later.

The family of Hannah Westfall and George Osborne is given below:

 -3 874 5 Annetje(Hannah) WESTFALL-437 b 2Feb1729 Kingston NY,
          daughter of Abel Westfall and Antje Bogaert,
          witness 6Jan1745 Minisink NY to baptism of Hannatje
          BOGARD dau of her uncle Johannes BOGARD and Sarah 
          HOOGTALING, witness 17Aug1748 Minisink NY to 
          baptism of Annatje WESTFALL dau of her brother 
          Cornelis WESTFALL and wife Elizabeth WESTFALL(1st
          cousin) at Minisink NY. Note that she was at Minisink NY
          in 1748 giving only a window of 19 months for her to
          marry George Osborne before her son Josiah was born
          in Virginia. Since the record does not show that
          she married anyone else, we may conclude strongly
          she was Hannah the wife of George Osborne. Guardian
          appointed 1791; d 1794/5 HardyCo VA
 -3 874 5-1 m 1749 AugustaCo VA George OSBORNE?-436 b ca 1728
            Hanover Neck, MorrisCo NJ son of Jeremiah OSBORNE
            and Phebe? ______?, on Samuel Decker pen knife jury
            15Apr1749 AugustaCo VA, warranted 50 acres land on
            Mill Creek 25Mar1753, survey witnessed by Joel 
            HORNBECK(1st cousin of Hannah WESTFALL's mother 
            Antje BOGAERT) and Jacob WESTFALL(2nd cousin of 
            Hannah WESTFALL), moved to Lost River before 1762,
            sold Lot 18 on South Fork of South Branch in 1762
            surveyed to his father Jeremiah OSBORNE in 1748, 
            witnessed with Hannah WESTFALL's first cousin
            Isaac HORNBECK sale of Hannah WESTFALL's deceased 
            father Abel WESTFALL's Lot 8 by Abel's eldest son
            Cornelis WESTFALL in 1761; w/p 21Jul1783 
            Hampshire/Hardy Co VA(WV) witnessed by his sister
            Phebe HARRIS and his two nephews John HARRIS and
            Rev Simeon HARRIS
   -2 436 1 Rev Josiah OSBORNE-218 (our ancestor) b 6Mar1750 
            South Fork of South Branch of Potomac VA, constable
            YogohaniaCo VA 1773, discharged after Dunmore's War
            at Fort Pitt 1774, lived at Lost River 1774-1793, 
            became baptist minister in 1778, moved to GreenbrierCo
            VA 1794, to LoganCo OHIO in 1822; d 3Feb1845 West
            Liberty, MonroeTwp, LoganCo OH
   -2 436 1-1 m 1778 Margaret ALDERSON-219 b abt 1755 probably
              daughter of Rev John ALDERSON Sr and Mary Jane 
              CURTIS; d 1822/9 LoganCo OH
   -2 436 2 George OSBORNE b bef 1756, discharged at Fort Pitt 
            in 1774; killed 23Feb1779 by Simon GIRTY's Indians 
            at Ft Laurens on the forks of the Tuscarawas River
            (near Lisbon OHIO), his back pay was accepted by 
            his first cousin Capt Abel WESTFALL at Ft Pitt 
            in 1785, his brother Josiah OSBORNE was named heir 
            to his Rev War warrant.
   -2 436 3 Isaac OSBORNE b bef 1760 VA, lived in HampshireCo
            VA in 1782, moved to GreenbrierCo VA by 1800, lived
            in OHIO when he sold land in GreenbrierCo VA in 
            1826; d aft 1826 OHIO/INDIANA
   -2 436 3-1 m 1780/2 Delphia ARBAUGH?/FLESHMAN? b 1760/5
   -2 436 4 Solomon OSBORNE b 16Mar1766 HampshireCo VA,
            inherited 160 acres on Raccoon Creek(location 
            unknown) by his father's will; d 1839 Elnora, 
            DaviessCo IN
   -2 436 4-1 m 1789/90 Margaret DENTON b 16Dec1771 VA dau
              Jacob DENTON and Mary WYLEY; d 1851 ScotlandCo IN
   -2 436 5 Francis OSBORNE b abt 1770 LostRiver, HardyCo VA(WV),
            named as minor son in father's will, taxed in HardyCo
            1791, 1793, perhaps named in census 1818,1820 
            MonroeCo IL with wife and four children
   -2 436 5-1 m ?______ ?______
   -2 436 6 Deborah OSBORNE b 1775/80 Lost River HardyCo VA
   -2 436 6-1 m 2May1799 RandolphCo VA John CUTRIGHT
              (a third cousin) b 1770/80 son of Benjamin CUTRIGHT
              and Catherine WOLF, in Randolph Co 1803, HarrisonCo
              1805, WoodCo 1807, 1810; d 8Mar1850 UpshurCo VA
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The Cornelis BOGAERT Family

Theunis Gijsbertszen In Den Bogaertman (the man in the orchard) 
died at age 80 in 1646 at Schoenrewoerd near Leerdam, Holland. He had
three sons Gijsbert, Laurens and Cornelis, none of whom came to
America. Our ancestor, the immigrant Cornelis Corneliszen Bogaert
was born about 1620 at Schoenrewoerd and was one of four first 
cousins who came to America before 1660, grandsons of Theunis
In Den Bogaertman.

The first son Gijsbert Bogaert died at Heycoop in 1646. He married
Maeyken Martins. Their son Theunis(Anthony) Bogaert was a sailor who
came to New Amsterdam in 1652. He married Sara Rapalye born 7Jun1625
(the first Dutch girl born in New Netherlands). Anthony died at 
Brooklyn NY in 1685, leaving 7 children. 

The second son Laurens(Louwe) Bogaert died before 1676 at Vianen.
His son Jan Louw Bogaert came to America in 1663, married Cornelia 
Everts, and died in 1708 at Manhattan NY, leaving 10 children.

The third son Cornelis Bogaert married Beeltje Cornelis, and died
before 1646 at Schoenrewoerd. His sons Gijsbert and Cornelis Bogaert
came to America in 1647/52. Gijsbert died without issue about 1684
at Catskill NY. Our ancestor Cornelis Corneliszen Bogaert born 1620
married about about 1652 at Albany NY Dirkje(pronounced Dickie) 
COEYMANS, sister of Barent Pietersen Coeymans of Albany NY. 

The Pieter COEYMANS Family

Our ancestor Pieter COEYMANS(KOOIJMANS), Dutch for cattleman, came 
to NY on 7Jun1639 from Utrecht NETH but may have been born in
Belgium. He may have returned to Holland. He was accompanied by
his daughters Dirkje and Geertrui, and sons Barent, David, Arent,
Jacob and Lucas. Geertrui married Abraham VOSBURGH and she sold
a mill at Wynant's Kill in 1674. Lucas died at Second River, Essex
County New Jersey in 1714. Barent Coeymans married Agnietje DE VOS
daughter of Andries DE VOS the manager of Rensselaerwyck, had 7
children and founded Coeymans NY dying there in 1710.

Dirkje Coeymans died in 1665 at Albany, and Cornelis Bogaert remarried
to a daughter of Andries DE VOS the manager of Rensselaerwyck. Cornelis 
Bogaert then took her surname DE VOS(the fox), although there is still
some argument about this. Cornelis Corneliszen Bogaert de VOS van 
Schoenrewoerd died at Coxsackie NY or went back to Holland after 1665.

Cornelis Bogaert and Dirkje Coeymans had four sons born near Albany:
Jan, Jacob (1654-1725), Hendrick (1656-1716) and our ancestor 
Cornelis Corneliszen Bogaert(1660/5-1697) who lived at Coxsackie NY.
The Bogaert children were probably raised by their uncle Barent Coeymans
at Coeymans, New York. Cornelis Bogaert was born 1660/5 at Albany NY and 
lived at Coxsackie, north of Kingston NY, where he married in 1696 Evatje 
daughter of Warnaar HORNBECK and Anna DE HOOGES. Cornelis' daughter Antje
Bogaert(our ancestor) was born 1697 at Kingston, married Abel Westfall 
there in 1717 and died about 1740 either at Minisink NY or in Virginia on 
the South Branch of the Potomac. Abel Westfall died on the South Branch
in 1759.

Antje Bogaert's brothers Gijsbert(Gaspar), Warner, Jacob(James),
Johannes(John), and Anthony Bogard also moved to the South Branch of
the Potomac, Virginia, in the 1740s. 

Gijsbert was born about 1700 at Kingston NY and died in Hampshire 
County, Virginia on 14Feb1776 with will probated 1778 and witnessed 
by Isaac Hornbeck. Warner Bogard was born in 1704 at Kingston and 
died in VA after 1778. Jacob(James) Bogard born 1706 at Kingston 
moved from Patterson Creek, Hampshire County, VA to Philadelphia PA 
where he died in 1789. Johannes(John) Bogard born 1709, died in 
Augusta County, VA in 1747 and his widow Sarah remarried to Henry 
Thorn and then to Johann Adam Harpole. Antje Bogaert's youngest brother 
Anthony Bogard was born 29Jun1712 at Kingston NY died in Augusta County VA
with will dated and witnessed in 1749 by Jeremiah OSBORNE and probated 
in 1762 in Hampshire County VA.
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The Warnaar HORNBECK Family

Warnaar HORNBECK was born abt 1645 near Amsterdam NETH, probably a son of
Joost VAN HOOREBEKE from Ghent, Belgium and Sara WARNAARTS of Stolwijk,
Holland. Warnaar may have come to New Amsterdam as a minor on the ship 
Vergulden in 1660, going on to Wiltwyck(Kingston) NY. He was a farmer in
1662 at Kingston NY and later at Hurley(Rochester), Ulster County NY. The
identity of the Warnaar Hoorenbeeck appearing in Amsterdam Orphans Court
Records in 1670 will probably be a critical factor in determining Warnaar's

About 1670 Warnaar married Anna DE HOOGES and had 8 children including 
our ancestor Evatje HORNBECK, who was born 18Jul1671 and married Cornelis
BOGAERT. Anna was a daughter of Anthony De Hooges who had Flemish parents
and Eva Bradt who had Norwegian and German parents. After Anna DE HOOGES
died, Warnaar married about 1692 to Margriet Ten Eyck and had eight more
children. Warnaar died at Rochester in Ulster County about 1715.

The known 15 of 16 children of the immigrant Warnaar VAN HOORENBEEK
are given below: 

      by first wife Anna DE HOOGES daughter of Anthony De Hooges:

        1 Anthony HORNBECK b abt 1673 Hurley, UlsterCo NY; d unmarried,
          adm 30Mar1710 Minisink NY
        2 Evatje HOORNBECK (my ancestor) b 18Jun1671 Hurley, UlsterCo NY;
          d Coxsackie, GreeneCo NY; m 16Jul1696 Kingston NY 
          Cornelis Corneliszen BOGAERT
        3 Lodewijk HOORNBEEK b 9Jul1676 Hurley NY d aft 1728 Rochester,
          UlsterCo NY; m 9Jul1696 Kingston NY Maritje VERNOY b 23Sep1674 NY
        4 Joost HOORNBEEK b 1677/81 Hurley, UlsterCo NY; d after 1716
          Minisink NY; m 4Oct1707 Kingston NY Aagje(Agatha) VAN FLEET
        5 Sara HOORNBEEK b 24Apr1681 Kingston NY; m 8Oct1702 Kingston NY
          Stephanus TIETSORT
        6 Johannes HORNBECK b 9Dec1683 Kingston NY; died young
        7 Johannes HORNBECK b 20Apr1685 Hurley, UlsterCo NY; w/d
          4Aug1766 HampshireCo VA; m 12Aug1716 Kingston NY 
          Orseltje WESTBROEK
        8 Marietje HORNBECK b 19Feb1688 Kingston NY; m 10Jun1710 Kingston NY
          Nicholas BLANCHAN b 2Jul1682 Albany NY

     by second wife Margaret daughter of Mathysse TEN EYCK

        9 Mathys HORNBECK b 14Nov1693 Kingston NY.
       10 Tobias HORNBECK b 1Sep1695 Rochester, UlsterCo NY;
          w/d 10Apr1771 Rochester, UlsterCo NY; m 16Feb1729
          Kingston NY Elizabeth b 1702 daughter of Pieter LOUW.
       11 Evert HORNBECK b 15May1698 Kingston NY; w/d 1754 
          MorrisCo NJ; m Eleanor(Lena) b 1712 daughter of
       12 Jacobus(James) HORNBECK b 9Jun1700 Kingston NY; 
          m 16Sep1733 Rochester, UlsterCo NY Margaret HELMS.
       13 Marritjen HORNBECK b 12Jul1702 Rochester, UlsterCo NY;
          m1 1722/3 ?______ VAN AKEN; m2 1776 Johannes 
       14 Leah HORNBECK b 22Sep1705 Hurley, UlsterCo NY; 
          m abt 1733 Seerles(Charles) DENNISTON
       15 Rachel HORNBECK b 20Jul1708 Kingston NY; m 17Jan1727
          Kingston NY Jacob DECKER son of Jacob DECKER; lived at
          Shawangunk NY

Many of Warnaar's descendants migrated to the Minisink area
along the Delaware River at the New York - New Jersey line
and to the South Branch of the Potomac, in what is now Hampshire
and Hardy Counties, West Virginia. Two of Warnaar's sons 
Johannes(John) and Jacobus(James, Jacob) were on the South 
Branch in Virginia by the 1740's. Children of two of Warnaar's
daughters Rachel, who married Jacob Dekker, and Eva, who 
married Cornelis BOGAERT (Our ANCESTORS), were also on the 
South Branch, Virginia, before 1750.

The Van Hoorebekes of Belgium

Currently the Belgian province of East Flanders is divided 
into six arrondisements: Aalst, Dendermonde, Eekloo, Gent,
Oudenaarde and Sint-Niklaas. In the northern part of the
province Gent (Ghent in English) contains 24 parishes. In
the 1600s, a person in Amsterdam might consider a person
from these parishes to be from Gent.

Oudenaarde in the southern part of the province has 11
parishes, including the parish of Hoorebeke from which the
name Van Hoorebeke originated. 

According to the 1925 genealogy by Gustavus Van Hoorebeke
published in part in 1995, the Van Hoorebekes of East 
Flanders are descended from Pieter Van Hoorebeke who was
born at Oudenaarde about 1250. Of Pieter's three sons, 
Steven remained at Oudenaarde, Jacobus moved to Gent, 
and Jan went to Aalst, where his descendants spelled the
family name Van Horenbeke.

At his death in 1478 Joos Van Hoorebeke (6th in descent
from Pieter) owned three breweries near Gent, each of 
which descended to a different son. One of these sons
Jan had sons Jan (1527-1608) and Pieter, who became Dominus
probably as a result of his higher education. Dominus is
often a title given to clerics, but it is also used as
a mark of respect.

Jan van Hoorebeke (1527-1608) was married 5 times and 
survived the control of Gent from 1578 to 1584 by protestants
during the Dutch civil war. Th Van Hoorebekes living and
making beer at Eekloo today are descended from Jan's son
Charles, a product of his fourth marriage to Lievijne
Denooit. A protestant branch of this family went to 
Middleburg, Zeeland, about 1600.

I believe that our branch descends from Pieter(Dominus)
Van Hoorebeke, whose son Philip had a son Franciscus
(Francois or Frans) baptized at Ghent 10Apr1568. Frans
apparently became a surgeon and was listed as a citizen
of Gent living beyond the walls of Ghent in 1606.

Joost van Hoorebeke, son of Frans, was born about 1604 
at/near Ghent, East Flanders, BELGIUM. Joost married Sara
Warnaarts in 1635 at Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS and was buried
in 1646 in Westerkerk at Amsterdam. There is still no proof
of the ancestry of Joost. He remains the leading candidate 
to be the father of Warnaar van Hoorenbeeck, the immigrant
to New Amsterdam in 1660. There are still two missing baptisms:
Warnaar about 1645 at Amsterdam, and Joos about 1604 at Ghent.

Joos may be the Judocus VAN DER BEKE baptized in 1602 at Ghent,
since he was called Van der Beke at his sister Aemelberch
VAN ORABEKE's wedding in 1625 at Amsterdam; if so his father
would be Isaac and not Frans. NEVERTHELESS the name Van Hoorebeke
is certainly attached to Joos because he signed his name 
Van Hoorebeke at his own marriage intentions on 21Jan1635 
to Sara Waarnarts at Amsterdam and said that he was born at Gent. 

The Warnaarts Family

There is a basis for the statement that Sara Warnaarts was of German origin,
besides the fact that Warnaar is a rare name in Amsterdam. We looked for Sara
Warnaarts birth or baptism at Stolwijk(Stolck), South Holland, based on the 
age of 17 given at her marriage intentions on 5Jan1635, without success. There
was an older couple Hendric Wouters and Sara Simonse Vliegers who were church
members from 1611 to 1622 and could be Sara's grandparents. 

Careful reading of Sara Warnaarts' signature at Amsterdam appears to give 
Sophia, not Sara as assigned by the scribe in filling out the civil marriage
intention form at Amsterdam. We found a baptism of Sophia on 29Nov1619 at
Amsterdam, daughter of Warnaar Drost and Maria Pieters.
A marriage declaration shows that he was Werner Jansen Drost from Muenster,
a city of Westphalia in Germany. There were several other Drosts in Amsterdam.

For now we have assigned Sara(Sophia) Warnaarts from Stolwijk but baptized
29Nov1619 at Niewekerk, Amsterdam to be daughter of Werner Jansen Drost,
son of Hans Drost of Muenster, Germany, and she was the wife of Joost 
van Hoorebeke and mother of Warnaar van Hoorenbeeck the immigrant to
America in 1660.
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The Anthony DE HOOGES Family

Anthony DE HOOGES was baptized 14Dec1620 at the Dutch Reformed Church(Niewekerk)
of Amsterdam, Holland.  He was the 6th child of Johannes DE HOGES and Maria TYRON,
whose civil marriage notice on 21Mar1608 at Amsterdam showed both of them to be 
from Belgium.  Johannes DE HOGES was born about 1578 at Mechelen between Antwerp
and Brussels, the son of Jan DE HOGES and Catharina DE DRAYERE, probably both 
natives of Mechelen, Belgium.  Anthony's father was an accountant in Amsterdam
and a stockholder in the West India Company.

Anthony's mother Maria TYRON was baptized at Antwerp on 7Feb1576, daughter of
Anthoni TIRON, who was probably born about 1540 at Tiron in northern
France. Anthoni TIRON's second wife, Catharina DANEELS (age 57 in 1608), whom he
married at Antwerp in January 1574, was Maria TYRON's mother. Maria appears 
to be the fourth of eight TIRON children born at Antwerp. Some of these
children may have been from Anthony's eldest son Joannes(Hans) TIRON(TIERENS)
baptized 31May1572 at Antwerp.

Anthony DE HOOGES came to New Amsterdam on 29Nov1641 on the ship den Coninck 
David (the King David) as an assistant accountant for the Amsterdam diamond merchant
Kiliaen VAN RENSSELAER, who was patron of the large land holding Rensselaerwyck
near Albany, New York. According to the patron's correspondence, Anthony drank 
too much, got into too many fights, and was exiled to America at age 20 because 
he was hopelessly in love with a girl who was sent from Amsterdam to her home 
province to marry someone else.

At Rensselaerwyck Anthony became chief accountant for 4 years, got a land grant, 
and married Evatje BRADT daughter of a Norwegian and a German. Anthony died in 
October 1651 at age 35, leaving five children to be raised by Roeloff SWARTWOUT, 
Evatje's second husband and sheriff of Kingston NY, along with 8 more children
of Evatje's. Anthony's five children did not carry on the name DE HOOGHES but
became ancestors of many Americans by intermarrying with other families of 
(1) Maria born 1648 Albany NY married Hendrick BRIES and Jacob LOOKERMAN.
(2) Annatje DE HOOGHES, our ancestor, was born 1650 and married Warnaar HORNBECK.
(3) Catrina DE HOOGES b 1651 married Harmanus RUTGERS.
(4) Johannes DE HOOGES b 1653 married Margarita POST, but their sons did not marry.
(5) Eleanora DE HOOGES b 1655 married Willem MONTAGNE and Cornelis DE DUYTSCHER.
Anthony's only direct memorial is Anthony's Nose, a mountain on the east bank of
the Hudson River at the boundary between Westchester and Putnam Counties, New York.

The only other DE HOOGE immigrant to America in our family was 300 years later when 
my great-grandmother Rosalie D'HOOGHE came with her husband Charles Louis 
HELLEBUYCK and 8 children from Wingene, West Flanders, Belgium to Detroit, Michigan, 
in 1885. She died in 1903 at Hillsboro, Oregon, aged 70 years.
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The Family of Albert Andriessen BRADT, "de Noorman"

Albert ANDRIESSEN(de Noorman) and his brother Arent ANDRIESSEN were born
about 1620 at Fredrikstadt(near Oslo), Norway. By 1632 Albert had moved to
Amsterdam, Holland. They came to New Amsterdam in 1636 where Albert and
Arent took the surname BRADT, probably inherited from their Norwegian 

Albert BRADT married Annatje Barentse ROTTMERS 1Apr1632 at the old church of 
Amsterdam, Holland. Annatje was born about 1608 in Germany, the daughter
of Barent ROTTMER and Gessel(Geesje) BARENTS. Albert's brother Arent BRADT
married about 1648 at New Amsterdam to Catalyntje DE VOS daughter of Anthony
DE VOS, the manager of Rensselaerwyck. Arent died in 1663 and Catalyntje died
in 1712 at Schenectady, New York.  

Barent Rottmer and his wife Geesje Barents lived at Altenbruch/Otterndorf,
at the mouth of the Elbe River just east of Cuxhaven, Germany. Geesje was a
widow at her daughter Annatje's wedding to Albert Andriessen in
Amsterdam in 1632, but she remarried at Amsterdam to Peter VAN RENSBURCH,
possibly from Rensborg, Holstein, Denmark and had another daughter. Geesje came
to America in the fall of 1640 with her second husband, and they filed a joint
will at Fort Orange(Albany NY) in 1642, both dying in America before 1663.

Albert was a tobacco planter and operated two large sawmills at Rensselaerwyck.
He had a house and business interests in New Amsterdam as well near Albany, 
New York. After Annatje Rottmers died in January 1661, Albert married Pieterje
Jans and about 1667 married Geertruij De Vos, the widow of ?______ Coeymans and
sister of Arent Bradt's wife. Albert lived at Albany and died 7Jun1686.

Albert Bradt and Annatje Rottmers' first two children were born at Amsterdam
the third on the ocean, and the remaining 5 in America. Our ancestor Aefje(Eva)
BRADT was baptized 9Jan1633 at Amsterdam and married in October 1647 at 
Fort Orange(Albany) NY to Anthony DE HOOGES, the accountant at Rensselaerwyck,
who was born in 1620 at Amsterdam of Flemish parentage. 
Barent BRADT, the second child of Albert and Annatje, was born in 1634 and
married Susanna MEYER. The third child Storme was born 2Nov1636 on the trip
to America, took the name Storme VAN DER ZEE, and married Hilletje LANSING. 
The rest of the children, born in America, were (4) Engeltje BRADT born 1640
married Anthony SLINGERLAND, (5) Gisseltje born 1645 marr Jan VAN EECKELEN,
(6) Jan BRADT born 1650 married Geesje DIRKSEN, (7) Dirk BRADT born 1652
and died 1678 and (8) Andries BRADT (de Sweede) born 1654, who married
Cornelia VERNOY.

Principal References Consulted:

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