Foreign and Miscellaneous Patches for Sale

I have the following patches for sale.  All of the following patches are new unless otherwise listed.  I would like to sell these patches as a whole but I will part out if necessary.

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Last Updated (4-11-13)

(O/S) Old Style (U) Used  (P/S) Pending Sale

Foreign Agencies:


New South Wales Police (U)
New South Wales Corrective Services (U)
Queensland PD
Victoria PD (U)
W.A. Police


Calgary Police Services
Durham Regional PD
Edmonton PD
Montreal PD (U) (O/S)
Montreal PD (U) (OO/S)
Niagara Regional PD (U)
Niagara Regional PD Court Services (U)
Niagara Parks PD (U)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police 
Toronto PD


Baden-Wurttemberg Polizei


Netherlands PD

New Zealand:

New Zealand PD
Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (U)

Fire Dept. Patches:

Contra Costa Air/Fire Rescue
FDNY (Hat Patch)
San Diego Fire-Rescue 
San Diego Fire-Rescue (Subdued)
Santa Barbara CO FD
Santa Barbara City FD
Vernon FD

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