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Go Fish News.

By Bill Decoteau

Ice is Nice

Before I even begin let me explain to those frantic Bass Bureau readers who just might be thinking I'm trading in my flipping stick for a tip-up!!! There will be no trade-ins in this column; however you just might start receiving additional Bass'n information on vertical presentations.

When my good friend Dan Kenney, host of the 'Go Fish with Dan Kenney' cable television fishing series invited me to attend his 3rd annual Ice Derby I have to admit I wasn't so sure I wanted to make the transition from a flipping deck platform to that of a frozen lake. "Come on Buddy," echoed Dan as he quickly added knowing I'm a sucker when it comes to supporting special events. "It's for the Joslin Diabetes Center. All the proceeds go directly to the Camp Joslin fund, so that children with diabetes have the opportunity to attend a summer camp with other children experiencing the same medical situations." Thinking the Ice Derby to Benefit Camp Joslin formatted a simple game plan; I immediately became aware of a whole new breed of serious fun loving anglers, who actually walk on water! Our destination was Sargent Pond nestled behind the Castle Restaurant on route 9 in Leicester, Massachusetts.

"Be there no later that 6:15am for registration, be sure to dress warm in layers, and when you arrive we will have the coffee brewing with a large assortment of Mikes Donuts hot out of the oven," advised Mr. Go Fish…..Ice Fish that is with Dan Kenney. www.gofishdan.com Dressing warm in layers was no problem since cold water bass'n is one of my favorite times on the water. However, I was concerned when I read the Ice Derby started at 7:00am and ended at 3:00pm. I mean who has that much endurance to hang around a drilled hole in the ice all day? In the words of Homer Simpson,…….. "Boring….Boring." As I wandered from the registration table I was amazed to see the lake already loaded with tip-ups. "I thought the Derby started at 7:00am," I questioned one contestant. "It does," he replied. "Why are all those tip-ups up already then?" Obviously, he realized I knew nothing about competitive Ice Fishing. Being a gentleman he went on to explain savvy ice anglers get here as early as possible and stake out their areas by placing their tip-ups on the ice where they will later drill holes come starting time.

When the official word was given to start drilling your holes, an early morning silence was broken with the roaring sound of gasoline ice augers. The synchronized precision team work of the solid water anglers was amazing to say the least. As one angler drilled the hole, another followed setting up the tip-up by dropping a weighted line into the water, sliding a pre-rigged button on the line down to water level once the weight hit bottom. Rapidly the line was pulled up the weight removed and replaced with a shiner


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