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Our Mission  We've been making doll houses, lighted rooms, miniature "functioning" appliances, specialized tools, brass furniture, and other unique furnishings for a good while and now we'd like to share some of the little "secrets", tricks and products we've developed over the years in hopes of encouraging others to enjoy this hobby as much as we do. 

Fun for everyone Miniatures can be easy and fun for everyone of any age, and being a miniaturist does not have to be an expensive hobby. It's amazing how many clever ideas you can come up with to mimic common full sized household items by using a little imagination, creativity, ingenuity, with only "throw away" materials. As time goes by we hope to share many of these tips with you in our regular "How To" column which will be updated and recycled periodically. We will even include a few selected links to other web sites of special interest.

Scale We work primarily in what is commonly called the 1" scale. this means that one inch measured on such miniatures is equal to one foot on its actual, full sized counterpart - or put another way, a 1:12 scale. Several other scales are popular as well, but we prefer the 1" scale because it's small enough to display in an average room yet big enough for everything to have a realistic look and feel. For these reasons it is also probably the most popular scale, and  as such, house kits and furnishings are most often found in this scale and at more popular prices. 

Products A few of the items we offer in the following pages are imported such as the pure silk Asian carpets and the gemstone world globe that are otherwise hard to duplicate, but almost everything else is an individually hand crafted item made here in small quantities that cannot be found elsewhere. However, our goal is to encourage as wide an interest as possible and as such we do not choose to compete with those seeking only the very highest levels of perfection in this hobby. For those most dedicated miniaturists it's possible to buy lighting fixtures for over $400.00 and inlaid furniture for thousands of dollars. Such items are truly works of art and we admire them greatly, but we just want to have fun and test our creativity. That's bound to draw a bit of criticism from time to time for some of the methods and products we promote, but what the heck-if it's easy, strong and looks good that's a good start in the right direction. In either case please share your thoughts on our feedback page. Hearing from you will greatly help us improve this site.

See the sights Enjoy a tour of these pages and good luck to both beginners in their new hobby and old pros alike.    



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