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Building the Guillemot

A couple years ago I built myself a Chesapeake 17 - a "stitch and glue" kayak made from panels of okoume plywood.  (Click here to go to CLC's Chesapeake 17 page.)  It's a great boat.
My Chesapeake 17 ashore at the sand spit, Morro Bay.

I enjoyed building it so much I thought it would be fun to build another.  This time I've decided to build a Guillemot.  It's a 17' "strip-built" kayak, designed by Nick Schade.  This one will be for Aileen - I think it might be a little small for me and my size 14 feet!  (We'll see!)  Ali and Bobby should fit fine in it as well.  Who knows?  Maybe I can use the forms to build boats for them as well.

When I built the Chesapeake I bought a kit.  It was a pretty good deal, but it was still quite a bit of money.  This time I'm going to do as much by myself as I can.  We'll see how much it ends up costing.  I did spring for pre-drawn, full-size plans.  They were $80, (plans) and I think they were well worth it.

Most of what I've done so far has been prep work.

I still need to build an extension to my table saw's outfeed table, and I may want to build something to extend the infeed table I just built.  I'll be ripping strips of wood up to 20 feet in length.

I didn't have a digital camera when I built the Chesapeake.  Now I do!  I'll be posting lots of pictures to document my progress.

For those who are already familiar with the strip building process, much of what I say will seem rather rudimentary.  I'm intending these pages more for my dad, who is not familiar with the technique but who is intrigued, and for other family members and friends for whom this is a new idea.

Table of Contents:
Page Two - Getting Started
Page Three - Continuing to Get Ready
Page Four - Building the Strongback
Page Five - Finishing Strongback/Ripping Strips
Page 6 - First Strips!
Page 7 - Details - Bead and Coves, Scarf Joints, Snugging Strips, etc.
Page 8 - Problems, Progress
Page 9 - Progress, Some More Problems
Page 10 - The Hull is Complete!  Stripping the Deck Begins!
Page 11 - I Finished Stripping!
Page 12 - Fairing the Hull
Page 13 - Installing the Ash "Rub Strips"
Page 14 - Shaping Rub Strips, Fiberglassing the Outside of the Hull
Page 15 - Extra Fiberglass on Rub Strips
Page 16 - Other Projects, Wetting Out the Inside of the Deck
Page 17 - Making the Coaming Rim