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Fantasy PEZ for Sale Woody from The Toy Story, and 9 other Fantasy PEZ are now RETIRED.

PEZheads Picture Gallery Take a look at some of the people who collect PEZ. If you have a picture, send it and we'll add it!!

Links to Other PEZ Sites Here you will find a complete list of links to other PEZ related sites. Let me know if you have one to add.

Pez Graveyard Home for Misfit PEZ Need a moustache or other crucial missing piece for your dispenser? Have an extra piece. Look here!!!

Pez Patents Here is a complete library of the patents issued for PEZ Candy Dispsensers.

Graphic Images

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Directions for filling your PEZ Dispenser Here are instructions in several different languages for filling your dispenser.

Entertainment Weekly Cartoon

Ziggy Cartoon

Amy's PEZ vending machine Have you ever seen a PEZ Vending machine? Look here to see Amy's.

PEZ Goes 4 wheelin' One our vigilant PEZheads snapped this during a parade.

50's Space Gun Permit Here is an image of an original permit that came with the 1950s space gun.

4/97 POV PEZ Article "Point of View" magazine referred to PEZ. Read it here.

Separated at Birth - Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and C3PO Click here to read the story


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