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3-D Pop-up Greeting Cards & Paper Sculptures

by Gerry Stormer



Hello and welcome to my gallery. I hope you enjoy your visit. Unless otherwise stated, all the cards on this site are from pattern books by Masahiro Chatani and/or Keiko Nakazawa and/or Takaaki Kihara. They are hand-cut using an X-acto knife and a ruler. Check back from time to time for this page will be updated occasionally. To view the pattern books that I own please click here. If you would like to learn a little about me and my experience with OA please click here.



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Black and white images photographed by Carl Uetz....Thanks Carl!!!

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Left to right:  Scala Regia; Alternating Steps; Diamond; Diagonal Steps; Gothic Crystal



Left to right:  Jungle Gym; Montage B; Montage A; Mountain Steps; NeoModern



Left to right:  Sea Bottom Palace; Stairs to Paradise A; Wing; ZigZag; Circle in Sphere



Left to right:  Louvre; Butterfly; Piano; Sphere; Tunnel




Mr. Diego Uribe, author of "Fractal Cuts" was kind enough to send me the pattern for this card that I've named "Diego's Dream" He was also kind enough to suggest that I put the pattern on this web site so others could download it. So, if you'd like to download a free pattern simply go here and print the page out. On the pattern, red lines indicate mountain folds, blue lines indicate valley folds and the black lines are the cut lines. Happy cutting!


Diego's Dream



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