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Pattern Sheets of Origamic Architecture

Masahiro Chatani

Shokokusha 1984

ISBN 4-395-27012-3


Pop-up Origamic Architecture


Ondorisha 1984

ISBN 0-87040-656-6


Four Seasons of OA


Shokokusha 1984



Pop-up Greeting Cards


Ondorisha 1986

ISBN 0-87040-733-3


Pattern Sheets of Origamic Architecture Volume 2


Shokokusha 1986

ISBN 4-395-27016-6


Origamic Architecture Around the World


Shokokusha 1987

ISBN 4-395-27017-4


A Paradise of Origamic Architecture


Shokokusha 1987

ISBN 4-395-27018-2


Pop-up Gift Cards


Ondorisha 1988

ISBN 0-87040-768-6


Paper Magic: Pop-up Paper Craft


Ondorisha 1988

ISBN 0-87040-757-0


White Christmas

Chatani / Keiko Nakazawa

Kodansha 1989

ISBN 0-87011-928-1


Origamic Architecture Goes Modern Building Masterpieces


Shokokusha 1990

ISBN 4-395-27040-9


Pop-up Cards For All Occasions

Chatani / Nakazawa

Ondorisha 1990

ISBN 0-87040-808-6


Great American Buildings

Chatani / Nakazawa

Kodansha 1991

ISBN 4-7700-1538-0


Pop-up Geometric Origami

Chatani / Nakazawa

Ondorisha 1994

ISBN 0-87040-943-3


Best Pop-up Greeting Cards


Ondorisha 1995

ISBN 0-87040-946-6


Fractal Cuts

Diego Uribe

Tarquin 1995

ISBN 0-906212-88-X


The Pop-up Book

Paul Jackson

Henry Holt 1993

ISBN 0-8050-2884-6


Tour of Kyoto

Chatani / Nakazawa

Shokokusha 1994

ISBN 4-395-27044-1


Origamic Architecture Goes World-Famous Buildings

Chatani / Takaaki Kihara

Shokokusha 1999

ISBN 4-395-27046-8


Greeting Card Sculpture Design

Sun Triumph Culture Publishing Co. Ltd.

ISBN 957-9135-46-0


Kirigami: The Art of 3-Dimensional Paper Cutting

Laura Badalucco

Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 1999

ISBN 0-8069-4490-0


Papierarchitectuur Nieuwe Stijl

Tiny Van Der Plas

La Riviere

ISBN 90-384-1584-2


Papierarchitectuur van gebouw tot kaart

Ingrid Siliakus

Tirion Uitgevers 2002

ISBN 90-213-3138-1


Faszinierende Grusskarten

zum Schneiden, Falten, Aufstellen

Mit Anleitungen und Schnittvorlagen in Originalgrösse

Ramin Razani

Augustus Verlag Augsburg 1997

ISBN 3-8043-0352-8


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