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New Consultants

CONGRATULATIONS!  I am proud that you have decided to join Thirty One! 

 Welcome to TEAM H.O.P.E.

So I have signed up, what’s next?   While waiting on your shipments to arrive, follow these simple steps to success!


  1. Open a checking account for your business.  Apply for a debit card so you can pay for your parties electronically.  The company requires a debit / credit card for payment.  When an order is placed, you pay the company in full.  The 10th day of the month, your 25% commission checks are printed & mailed.      


  1. Log on to  User: consultant31  Password: bloom31  Get familiar with entire site, including the New Consultant Training VideoI would go ahead and bookmark the   address.  You will be checking it daily for shipping updates and document updates. 


  1. Register and attend CER101 webinar training for new consultants offered by The Thirty One Home office.  They are held the first Saturday and 3rd Monday of each month.  Check your website for the next training dates.  


  1. Order business supplies- Business cards.    Thirty One offers business cards, also vista print offers professional looking cards at a fraction of the price.  You may want to go ahead and order some additional catalogs and other items for product give-a-ways for your parties.   See what  business supplies are available on the website/toolbox.   Log onto your website and enter a "business supply order."


  1.  Book your Launch Party.  Talk with you sponsor or Director and put a date on the calendar.   Go ahead and make your list of people to invite. 

 NEXT Get Started by answering this questions and share your answer with your recruiter.        

 Why you are selling Thirty One?  Do you want this income to be a primary income or a second income stream?  

You make money 2 ways with Thirty One, right now money and residual money.  You earn 25% Right now money of all your sales.  Here’s an example:  $500.00 in party sales, you make $125!    That should be your goal every party!   Host 6 parties each with $500 in sales, you make $750.00.  Host 8 parties with $500 in sales you make $1000.00.  It’s a numbers game!  You determine your paycheck by how much you work!  You can make additional money by building a team of other sales consultants and earn residual money off their sales.

If you want to make $$$ you must GET INTO Activity!!!! 

This is the single MOST IMPORTANT thing in this business.  It has a direct correlation to whether you make it in this business or not!  YOU have to create momentum!  If you want to attract people to your business, you have to have momentum.  This doesn’t start overnight….it starts one day at a time, one choice at a time.  It compounds into something big!   You can’t wait until you feel like getting into activity or hope something happens.  It truly is by forcing yourself into activity.  Book, book and overbook your calendar!  Don’t stop at 6!  Overbook so that cancellation is a relief and not a tragedy!  Now, get going and you are your own boss!  And remember, Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.