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1952 Ford 8N Restoration Page

Here are pictures of the restoration of a 1952 8N Ford tractor. I bought this from my neighbors, Steve and Andrea Koons. Judy and I had to drive to Indiana to get it. Steve let me have it for $500.00. A real bargain considering that he had already redone all the innards. Little did I know just how much it would end up costing me! The engine was stuck, but we managed to free it up pretty quickly. It had been sitting since 1984 or so.

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This picture was taken sitting outside Steves house in Indiana

Steve and Andrea's daughter "driving the 8N"

When I started disassembly I found this little critter in the wiring.

Day 1 Disassembly

More Day 1 disassembly.

More Day 1 disassembly.

More Day 1 disassembly.

I pulled a hay wagon in the barn to put all the parts on.

Looked like someone had hit the front of the hood with a hatchet.

Getting some of the parts painted.

More painting.

More painting.

More painting.

More painting.

More painting. Notice no more hatchet mark.

More painting. Ford Script was on the 1951 and 52 models.

Lot of work here.

Wagon is getting full. Wonder where all these parts go. Wish I had taken more pictures.

Doesn't look like a tractor here. Grey epoxy primer.

Had to pull wagon out of barn to get the tractor out.

I had almost as much paint on me as the tractor did. Took me weeks to get all the paint off. (me that is)

Wheels and hubs.

This is high tech stuff folks!

All Done!!!

Another view.

Maria, all grown up, but still loves the 8N.

Judy on her "brand spanking new" 8N Ford tractor. I built this one just for her. (How else to you think I got the money to do this?)



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