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2009 RECongress

NOTE:  Photos will be added to the various events below as they have been edited and the event finalized.  Please check back every once in a while to check for the new pictures as they are added.

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  February 25, 2009 Youth Day Practice
Practicing for the Youth Day Arena Events - Sorry no photos of this event are publically available.
  February 26, 2009 Youth Day
Sorry no photos of this event are publically available.
February 27, 2008 RECongress First Day
Registration (13 photos)
Opening Rite (319 photos)
Period 1 (23 photos)
Lunch Break (70 photos)
Period 2 (145 photos)
Period 3 (99 photos)
Liturgies (391 photos)
Concert (329 photos)
February 28, 2009 RECongress Second Day
Opening Rite (157 photos)
Period 4 (148 photos)
Lunch and Period 5 (74 photos)
Period 6 (100 photos)
Liturgies (259 photos)
Concert (133 photos)
March 1, 2009 RECongress Third Day
Opening Liturgy (421 photos)
Lunch Break (239 photos)
Closing Liturgy (461 photos)

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