The next pictures are of the CNC as I got it.... it was in bad shape but I think I can rebuilt it.
This CNC was used at VA Tech back in the late 90s.
The first thing is to get all the electic out of the way so I will start here in the box and to start rewire the table for all the new electronics.
Mounting all the new Step Motor drivers. Had to mount them up off the back panel because the driver box get so hot.
Getting started running the wire.
Getting the power supply mounted and wired in. This thing is huge
Got every thing wired and tied down, now time to put the quick disconnects in.
Wanted to make sure these never come apart so I soldered all the connections.
The X axis was not to hard, but had to drill out the pulley and design a part to get the motor shaft mounted to the drive pulley.
The Y axis was the same as the X axis,
The Z axis was a different story and needs a complete over haul. Started with the mounting plate that was too small to carry the big heavy step drive motor. Designed the part to fix both and line up the drive shaft.
Top of the Z axis, mounted and ready to go.
Custom part attaching the stepper motor to the drive shaft.

Z axis mounted. Finish the wiring and the AC power for the router and it should be good to go.
After getting the CNC back together and running a few test. Come to find out that the bearings are bad and you know they would not make them any more. I have to replace the bearings and the rails that they ride on but this should be it. Time to start making some chips....