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Ray HicksUpdate on Ray Hicks

Connie Regan-Blake, Storyteller
Post Office Box 2898 
Asheville, North Carolina 28802

May 23, 2001

Dear friends,

Many of you know that Ray Hicks has advanced cancer and by western medicine standards, it is not looking good. I am writing to ask your help by holding him in the light or praying or whatever might be your tradition ... that he and his family be free of pain. 

For those that haven't had the pleasure of hearing Ray tell stories, he opens his heart and his mouth and out pours the drama and humor of life. He is a beacon of storytelling. 

If you would like to, there is something else you can do. The Hicks have lived a simple mountain life, living mostly off the land. Their main source of cash income has been collecting ginseng and telling stories locally 6-8 times a year. Since his health problems, he hasn't been able to get out and that has been a hardship financially. A special fund has been started and if you would like to contribute, please send donations with checks made out to The Ray and Rosa Hicks Fund to either of the addresses below. All money will go to help Ray and Rosa in any way possible.

You might also send this message along to others that would want to know about Ray, including any storytelling festivals and organizations.

Below is a photo of the Hicks homeplace that we took a few weeks ago. That is where Ray was born almost 79 years ago ... and where he is today with his family and hospice helping him through the days. Ray is a treasure of a man ... and his wisdom, generosity, humor and uniqueness have been a gift to the world.


The Ray and Rosa Hicks Fund
c/o Connie Regan-Blake, Storyteller
Post Office Box 2898 
Asheville, North Carolina  28802
Ph: (828) 258-1113 / Fax: (828) 253-2956
The Ray and Rosa Hicks Fund
c/o International Storytelling Center
Attention: Abbey Miller 
116 West Main Street
Jonesborough, Tennessee  37659

Ray Hicks' home

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