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Reid Miller

Reid Miller

2994 Cave Rd
P O Box 219
Blue Mounds, WI 53517-0129
(608) 437-3388

Reid has been spinning yarns for all ages since 1965. He performs in schools, libraries, theaters, churches, conferences, fairs, festivals, and for other groups and events.

He is also a folksinger, musician, dancer, dance teacher, dance caller, recreation leader, clown and actor.

This popular adult, children's and family entertainer is available for performances, residencies, workshops, in-services, seminars, audio, film, video, modeling and more.

He also conducts "Tell Around"(tm) storytelling retreats, hosts the Wisconsin Old Time Fiddlers Convention and Uplands Old Time Music Jamboree, and produces an annual Halloween Storytelling Festival, and a variety of other recreation and performing arts events every year.

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