A visit to the Navy Museum
at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.
on  April 22, 2003
(last update 5/26/2003)

This museum has a very large detailed model of an LSM ship.  It is located at the rear of the museum on the right side.
The model is behind a plexiglas wall, so there is some glare in the photos because of that.
The photos on this page concentrate mostly on the LSM model.

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Twin 40mm
Closeup of the twin 40mm bow guns

HEW on 40mm at museum (1)   HEW on 40mm (2)
Harold on the dual twin 40mm guns

20mm Guns
Deck view showing 50 caliber guns.  I think we had 6 or 8 of the 50 cal. guns.

Forward view of LSM model
Harold Westhoff looking at the mid section.  There is a 20mm in a gun tub immediately forward of the life raft on the conning tower.  We had 4 of those.

Mid deck view 1 of LSM model
Mid deck view 1

Mid deck view 2
Mid deck view 2.  20mm on the left side, 50 caliber middle front of  the photo.

Aft view
Wider aft view of model

View of officers quarters
Officers quarters.  The picture of the officer is about 5-6" high, so I think the scale of the model is about 1" = 1'.

Engine room
Engine room

Rear showing screws
Rear showing screws (wish I had "windex" along)

Conning Tower  Rear view of conning tower
Front and rear views of conning tower

Rear Section  Front showing bow doors
Another view showing the rear half.    The front part showing the bow doors and ramp.

Rear view
Rear view (Fantail).
This picture (rear view) shows the 20 mm best--it's in a tub on the port (left) side and you can see it is a much bigger gun than the 50 cal. which is really little more than a large  machine gun with limited range, but it fires real fast and the ammunition is in belts, whereas the ammo in the 20mm is loaded into the kind of cylindrical cannister which you can see on top of the 20mm.  Those are hand loaded and replaced with a new one when empty.
I think the 5 or 6 barrels on the fantail (rear end) of the ship are depth charges.

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