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We loaded "Cherry pickers" (cranes) at Guam and
 later unloaded them at Tsingtao, China.  [Nov. 1945]

Original crew photo taken after training at Little Creek.  If you can identify any of these people, please e-mail.

...Hempstead and Danst

Bill Jozwick and Bill Peacock                 Bob Hempstead and John Daoust
Honolulu, Christmas Eve 1945                                      Guam                     .

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A little R & R on the beach at Guam
Front row:  Hughey - Mitchell - Green - Fragassi - Hutchison - Mancini - Gaynor
Back row:  Orr - Lawter -  White - Woods - Sebela - Totten - Carlton - Dardine - Camp

Herb Krall and Dan Raicevich

More of Ed Moloney

Bob White, Fred Sebela, Dwinnell Owen            Brown, Keck, and Beyea          .

Front row:  Green,  Wilson, Keck
Back row:  Woods, Orr, Jones, Lawter

Keck, Beyea, and Owen

Front row:  ???, Peacock, Keck, Owen
Back row:  ???, ???, Glanzman, Brown, Beyea

Beyea and Brown