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We are a family owned alternative energy company located in Swansea, Illinois. We pride ourselves in honest, friendly service with low prices. We sell, install and repair renewable energy systems to individuals, families and businesses
Give us a call! Let us show you how personalized service can put alternative energy solutions to work for you. Go Green, Save Green!

Thank you in advance,
Jason Hark, owner

Welcome to Mid America Advanced Power Solutions!
Go Green ... Save Green......
Energy Saving Products For Every Day Life!
Power Save 1200 - Lowest Price On the Net!!
Save 10 - 25% on your home Energy Costs!

WINDTERRA - The First Roof Mounted VAWT  
With the development of it's VAWT, WINDTERRA is poised to change the face of green energy at the consumer level by providing small business and homeowners with an affordable, efficient, and hassle-free small-wind power generation system. Over the life of the turbine, the EC 1200 will reduce your carbon footprint by over 22 tons.

  LED T8/T12 Replacement Tubes

LEDs are now available to replace Incandescent, Fluorescent and Neon lighting. The savings is normally between 40-70% on electricity. There is no hazardous waste. No mercury. No gases. All environmentally friendly.

Fluorescent Lights - use vast amounts of electricity. They buzz and cause eye fatigue. Their waste is hazardous and costly to dispose of. We have two easy, very cost effective solutions to offer.


We are continuing to grow to meet the needs of our clients, we have just opened a new office that will service the South East US and Atlanta Georgia Metro area!

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