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We would like to talk to you and assist you in an individualized system that is right for you. Give us a call! Find out what renewable energy can do for you.

We are a family owned alternative energy company located in Swansea, Illinois. We sell, install and repair renewable energy systems to individuals, families and businesses. We pride ourselves in honest, friendly service with low prices.
Give us a call! Let us show you how personalized service can put alternative energy solutions to work for you.

Go Green, Save Green!

Thank you in advance,
Jason Hark, owner

Why Solar Hot Water Heating
It Is An Attractive and Effective Home Improvement That Pays You Back!

  • Water Heaters Usually Use More Energy Than Anything Else in Your Home!
  • Receive a 3 to 7 Year ROI!*
  • With a 30% Federal Tax Credit, Many States Having Incentives, Huge Increases in Energy Costs, 4 to 5 Times The Power Density OF Solar Electric PV, and the great need to Stop Pollution and Global Warming,
  • There Has Never Been A Better Time To Buy A Solar Water Heater!
  • Typical Returns are 12 to 30%, and on a Refinance or New Home You usually receive an Instantaneous Positive Cash Flow!

    *Based on houselhold/buisness size - returns may vary graph
    The cumulative cost of heating water over the years - Green w/out Solar & Red with the use of Solar!

    Solar water heating is the perfect stand alone of complement to a Photovoltaic system because it doubles the energy output of an average 2kW system and it is usually at a forth to over a fifth the cost of a PV system.

    MAAPS curently offers the systems in the directory to the left. These systems are for hard freeze climates, warm climate systems may be ordered for locations where freezing does not occur. Please contact us for more information

  • For information regarding renewable energy please contact us at: 
    Mid America Advanced Power Solutions(MAAPS)
    Swansea, IL, 62226

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