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Kalamazoo 56ON -- Milwaukee Road #7720 

This car was purchased in the spring of 1998 by Eric Harris. This car is an ex-Milwaukee Road car. This is a 56ON, 2-cylinder onan engine with two speed reversible transmission and optional 14" wheels. The car was purchased without motor, tranny, or control panel. This was all cut out by one of the previous owners. This car is currently being torn apart and
the front, rear, roof, and frame of this car is being replaced with new metal or rewelded. A motor was found for this car but in really bad shape and is currently being rebuilt. Keep looking back for more updates on the restoration.


Here is a picture of the car the day it was purchased. One can see how the front was cut to remove the motor and transmission.(Spring 1998) 

Here is a picture of the front of the car during the building process. The cuts are being welded up and then grinded down. New pieces of metal are also being added for ones
cut out.(Winter 1999) 

Here is a picture of the frame after axles were cut off and all other brackets. The frame is being stripped and getting ready for painting.(Winter 1999)