The Elusive Pfalz Dr.1

"The Pfalz Dr1 was inferior to the Fokker"


The best -known of the German Triplanes after the Fokker Dr.1 emerged from the Pfalz factory at Speyer on the Rhine. This seldom known fighter was  superior
to the Fokker.
Note the Sanke Card above. Sanke Cards were used to boost moral. A machine that never saw combat cannot be a moral booster.

"The Pfalz Dr1 never went into production"

Tested in November 1917 by M.v. Richthofen, the Pfalz Dr.1 was put into small scale production. 

"The Pfalz Dr1 never saw combat"


It served with several frontline units, most notably Jasta 73.

"Only 10 aircraft were built"


Serial numbers on these aircraft are well over 200!! This machine is 221.......Where did the other 220 go? Mars?

"The Pfalz arrived too late to be effective in the war"

Really? Apparently the Pfalz Dr1 was in high demand, because they came out with another one!!

"The Pfalz Dr1 is too experimental an aircraft to be included in RB"

FACT: The Sopwith Snipe is an experimental aircraft, yet it was included in RB.